Sprinkle of Sugar

As this week we see the deliveries of Sugar Nellies arrive at the warehouse and they all go out to their new homes as fast as we can package them. I am looking forward to seeing what their new Mamma's do with them.

This week also sees international orders via www.funkykits.co.uk, but only for these stamps.

If you are part of a forum, chat room, please sprinkle some sugar about. We are working on a competition with a link back to here from your blog, the link which is used the most gets a candy box.( yes we can tell where computers got the link).
So I had better get back to the packing as I know you are all waiting.


Nikki said...

Oooh thankyou..I am so excited waiting for these babies!

Margaret said...

Hey I put a link to Funky kits and Sugar Nellie stamps (but not this blog) well before you posted this! Any bonus points for showing initiative??? LOL

ger76 said...

Oh great news Karen I'm sooooo looking forward to playing I'm even tidying my craft room awaiting ther arival LOL

Don't work too hard luv Ger xx