A wee dug for Andrea


Lisa said...

He is absolutely lovely, can't wait to take him home!
lisa x

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness my own little doggie. Thank you Thank you, can't wait until he's for sale :)

Ali M said...

wow..love him!!!will look great with a bow..tartan obviously!!

Linda A said...

Hi Andrea,

It's Linda, Maggie and Hamish's 'mum' here!

I have just been having a wee read of the posts on UKS, and actually think 'Haggis' is a gorgeous name for a little scottie doggie. 'Twas Karen who named him Angus, but if she wants to change it you have my blessing!

You're no the only one who is having to compensate by means of rubber stamps for something they want; I would dearly love another (real)little girl to dress up in gorgeous clothes - so that is where Maggie has come from!

Quixotical said...

Lovely! He will love coming to live with me and my doggy!

Am adoring these new stamps - Linda has done a wonderful job designing them. Can't wait to send more of my hard-earned cash your way ;)


Storm's House said...

OMG !!! he's fab!!!Might just need one of these **wink**

Farmersgirl said...

When is the 'wee dug' available - he's not on Funky Kits website yet?

See my westie friend at http://janicepattie.blogspot.com