What's that smell!

It is a bit smelly in the warehouse today, it might be Maggie but more than likely its Hamish (mothers of boys will understand). A lot or rubber and a lot of cutting up and packaging to be done. BUT Funkykits have a delivery tomorrow morning and I expect they will be packed and in the post before bedtime Friday.

Sugar Nellie will be sending Kim and Caz some rubber today as a thank you for their magazine features using these adorable cute stamps. Thank you girls:)


Taavjax said...

hehe-I've just ordered mine! the second lot with a few days-oh my gawds !! and here was me thinking I was gonna buy a Bug this weekend! I think not-ahh well I'd rather have me SugarNellies!!

Kim said...

***skips around the room with excitement***

Stampingcaz said...

Ohhh thank you... i saw the new releases but cant afford anything right now. That is great.. thank you!! fingers crossed my fav is there :)


Fe-Fe said...

I've order some. Oh the Christmas fairy Maggie is just irresistible.
Here's hoping they come on Monday!