Sell outs

Monday morning is here again, I need one of those magic stop watches to freeze time so I can catch up!

Good news is that you LOVED the Manga stamps and they sold out way too quick, look for them very soon as we are rushing some to Funkykits as fast as we can. We also plan to have Daisy and single Gorjuss girls to them by the end of the week.

Nothing much to tell you as the summer season is quieter for us in all three businesses, but as we get ready for a busy autumn things are looking good.

For all those girls who I have listened to me and my OCD and taken the Twilight road,( Eva this is for you) here is my temp blog about what to read after the books ;)

Enjoy your week


Jane said...

Missed them! can't believe how fast they went. Hoping I have better look with the single Gorjuss girls...can't wait to get my hands on them! Jane x

Kimmi said...

I joined up over at your temp page, I didnt know what to do after I read Stephanie Meyers Midnight Sun, and it finished only half way through. Then you posted about Fan Fiction and WOW, I've pretty much read everything that was there after the continuation.

I have now book marked the others, but I have some little Sugar Nellies that are needing some loving, so going to make some cards over the next couple of weeks as I've neglected them with not being well, but Chemo nearly finished its Onwards and Upwards, and aint nothing gonna get in the way of me and my Sugar Rubbah!

Thanks for the links!

Kimmi x

(any chance of finding out who you've picked for the DT yet?)

K said...

Excuse me? I was looking for them on the site and I figured they are not available yet ... never found them. Stupid lil me :( Sigh :(

pinky said...

Can't believe your Mangas sold so quick, will have to get in training for the next bunch!!

Cathy said...

The Manga stamps are gorgeous - just waiting for mine to drop on the doormat ... had said I would only buy 2 but ... all four fell into my basket!!!
Cathy xx

Andrea said...

gosh I never even see the stamps hit the shop floor, hope you soon get them back in stock as would so like them, they look sooooooo cute x

Evelina Wikberg said...

Thanks Karen. I am going to have a look at your blog sure have OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder), I know...from experience. Have a great time in the States!! Hugs Eva xoxox

Kimmi said...

Forgot to say that I made a card the other day when my Manga Girl 2 arrived - she's on my blog.

Kimmi x

My Card

Viv said...

Wow! Missed them completely and WANT them so much! Nevermind, we're used to waiting for stuff downunder!
As for Twilight, have read all four books, took the DVD to the big scrapping expo last weekend and our motel didn't have a DVD player! EEEEEK!!! Thanks for the links to raed, can't wait to have a browse thru. Viv NZ

Vicky said...

That make sense then as I went over to funky kits and couldn't see the manga stamps! Now I know why, they have sold out! Will kep my eyes peeled for the next batch!
Hugs, Vicky ~x~

weewiccababe said...

yup I missed the manga kids - but will keep looking for them. And will have a wee trot over to your blog as I'm halfway through Breaking Dawn for the second time

having a {me} day said...

Oh no! I missed the Manga stamps :-( Unlike me to be so slow off the mark. Oh well, look forward to seeing them back in stock real soon, they look fantastic too! Itching to colour them up :-) katxx

Donalda said...

Man I kept stalking the store too!!!! I saw 1 on there but was waiting for you to finish loading them ( I thought) Back to stalking again lol