Happy Birthday

Happy 18th Birthday to Katie. Shes celebrating in Greece with 14 girlfriends but will be back to the House of Sugar soon. Katie leaves Funkykits this month as she is off to Aberdeen to study Business promotions and events . There are big changes, all for the better as we prepare for a busy season ahead at Funkykits. There is a man in the House!
We welcome Mark as the new full time manger of Funkykits. Good luck Mark I hope you can handle all our sugar addictions :)

Followers of this blog know that I have been trying to find a way to contact you all to share some good news, but blogger are still working on an email option I am told, so for now I can only offer you a code BLOGGER which will give you a sweet incentive to go find the new Autumn kit over on Funkykits. These should have gone live today and until stocks are gone or Friday, this voucher code may be used once per customer, enter code at check out not in coment box. Hope it works.


FionaJ said...

Oh Mark, do you know what you've taken on, all us girls and ouir addicton, you're a brave man.
I hope that all goes well for you in your new job. xx

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Oh big congratulations to katie...she looks very like you. i'm sure she will have a blast! And Good Luck to Mark. I'm sure you will be delighted to share the load with someone.
Judy xx

craftypagan said...

Happy 18th! Ahhh I remember being 18-such fun! Very exciting to have found a new manager-hello Mark and welcome! Love Rowena

Kimmi said...

Happy Birthday Katie :D I've spoken to you in email before regarding stamps hehe

Welcome aboard Mark. Have a fab time at the House of Sugar! I'm sure he will be able to put up with addicted stampers! He is a man, after all! haha :D :D :D

Hope you are well Karen.


Kimmi xx

Erika said...

Happy Birthday Katie...hope you are having fun with all your mates in the sunshine.

Welcome to the house of sugar Mark.

weewiccababe said...

Happy birthday to Katie, am sure she'll be having a ball
and best of luck to Mark - he'll need it with all these crafters on a sugar rush

Gayle said...

Hi Mum...
Email has been kaput all day! Driving me crazy!
Happy Birthdya Katie...she sure is her mammy's daughter! Which, of course, makes you gorgeous too!
Good luck to Mark too...hope he's ready for all the harrassment by email! Poor soul...
G x

joey said...

Hi :O) Happy Birthday to Katie, and a huge welcome to Mark.xxx

Donalda said...

Happy Birthday Katie!!! Hope you are having a very special day dear.
Your just beautiful dear.

Welcome aboard Mark, I know we will be keeping you busy !!!!! For we love our Sugar!!!

scrappyjan said...

Well first of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY Katie.. You are a beauty!!! Good luck to you in your adventures outside of Sugarland.

Welcome Mark.. I think you are going to have your hands, arms and everything else full.

Marlene said...

Happy [belated] Birthday Katie, hope you had a fab time!!!!
Hello and good luck Mark, I'm sure you will love it @ Funkykits!
Marlene xx