Wanna peek at the new gallery?

Want to see what i have been busy doing for sooo long? Click the gallery button on the tab bar at the top of the blog!!

Isn't it preeeeeeety and it matches the blog beautifully :)

Just have to upload all the design team members cards now!! There are sooo many gorgeous creations that i have to share with you all!!!
Zoe x x


Mummylade said...

it's gorgeous. you've done a marvellous job =)

Craftypagan said...

OOoo it's fab Zoe! Well done you-bet it took ages!

Elise said...

I absolutely love it! :) This will definitely be a favorite destination for me to get some inspiration! :) You've done a lovely job!!! The entire blog looks AWESOME!

Cazzy said...

I love it! Now I wish I could work out how to do these pages, I can create one but it is a clone of the main one, can't work out how to post things to it or alter it.

Your blog looks great now.

Cazzy x

Arty Party NI said...

Its lovely, you might just want to check the spelling though (take) sorry xoxox

Tracey said...

The gallery looks fab Zoe, you've done a great job!


Dena said...

OMG Zoe!!!! This must be taking FOREVER!!! Great job, I love the new look!
Hugs, Dena

Rufus said...

OMG, you have been a busy girl! Looks gorjus!

Diane Duda said...


Eulanda said...

Very cool and I love the quick access to inspiration!

Anonymous said...

wow, love it !!