BBC 2 Lambing live

For those of you who are watching lambing live at 8pm every night this week, here we have Hamish feeding a pet lamb the perfect stamp for this time of year.

As a farmers wife today I was called upon today to squeeze into a boiler suit and wellies ( those of you who know me are now rolling around laughing) and help DH stitch up a prolapsed ewe, I bet we don't see that on BBC2 anytime this week! Its funny how the family sit glued to that when its going on outside for real, maybe that's why "fly on the wall" programmes are successful., you don't get covered in goo inside!

I hope the sun is shining where ever you are and when you see those fluffy spring lambs in the fields know that its not always clean and fluffy;)



Shaela said...

what a cute image!

~ Ali ~ said...

Lol Karen what you like.... now do you have nice pink wellies? We have had sunshine last couple of days. Hope you are well.

Donalda said...

Oh this is adorable dear.

Gayle said...

Boilersuit and wellies???

God...I'd pay moeny to see that one!

Have fun...and don't let the kids keep too many this year!!!

G x

weewiccababe said...

God, I remember lambing time when I was married to Scott's dad - ugh.
Swinging lambies back and fore to get them breathing
much preferred the calving, until one of the coo's had a prolapse, never seen anything like it in my life!!

shellshearer said...

great image...just perfect...we have been glued to the tv everynight, I have to agree tho hun about the mess...When I did my vet nurse training on a farm I never stayed clean lol

hugs shell xx