Share On.........Thursday

It might not be Sunday and I failed to schedule my post before I went, you don't want to know how crazy it has been.

I'm home, it was long journey but uneventful. We got up to a christmas wonderland on Tuesday which sent me into a wee panic knowing that I had to drive back to to Newark on slow moving roads. Nothing worse that being late to the airport when so much rides on getting booked in on time. Read on if you want to know the story but I may have to post it over several days as I have a lot to catch up with today.

Lets start at the begining.

On leaving the house, Cameron anounced that he could not find his driving licence, had not seen it in years so why did he not tell me this so that I could request a new one before we went? Why did he say yes to driving a 12 seater mini bus? Lucky for us I did have my licence with me and needless to say had no choice in facing the immentent task of driving in NJ.

At Aberdeen airport it was clear that the fog blanket down south was causing havoc with flight, some to London were cancelled but ours to Amstedam was at least still on. One hour late we arrived in Amsterdam and missed the connecting flight even if we did run all the way. OH the plane was there, right there! But no the gate was closed and the powers that be said no (insert rude words to give you the true feeling of what I thought about the powers that be).
Give KLM their due, they put us up in a fantastic hotel, all meal, leisure club with pool and a huge family room.
Next day, 24 hours late our journey continued, the car was down sized to a SUV with no refund on the differance in cost (hey I did not think I would be that lucky).

The New Jersey turn pike.........OMG that was one white nuckle ride I never wanted to do again! Were we even going in the right direction?            

Were arrived to an almost empty house as everyone was busy doing their own thing. Eventurally, the family was re united. {oxoxox]

Lets get a good nights sleep because tomorrow we are off to Canada.

When the American say its a staight 8hr drive up to Canada, they do realy mean straight. Beautiful day as we drove and drove all the way staight up thru  The Pocono Mountains , then NY state, over 1000 islands and into Canada. Up by Ottawa and over to Renfrew and a swing by Pembroke to see family before crossing the bridge over the Ottawa river into Quebec and the holiday home of Debbie's inlaw's.
So very tranquil, overlooking the huge river with it's own little beach, absolutely beautiful and the complete opposite to the city life of Philadelphia, I can totaly see the draw.

Two days on Bee Gees Farm near Pembroke was one of the highlights to the boys holiday. Nancy and I did a little bit of shopping and an emergency trip to the dentist for me!
Things I loved in Canada...
the family retreat, so very peacefull and beautifully set by the river.
the Canadian relatives, very down to earth and welcoming.
black squirells running on a patch of grass in the town centre of Pembroke
seeing wild turkeys in the field just like our geese
Poutine, well I would not say it was a favourite of mine but Megan liked it.
I am just sorry that the pumpkins were ploughed into the field as I always wanted to see a real
pumpkin patch.

We arrived late on Saturday and drove back to Pheonixville on Tuesday, 8 hours each way, straight roads!

time to get some work done, catch you all later



scrappymo! said...

Glad you loved Canada. I think that is a beautiful part of our country.
I live on the west coast and it has its own unique beauty too.

Olivia said...

Your last two posts have cracked me up. Being from New Jersey and a LOVER of the Black Friday madness, it is funny to hear another perspective out of it and of course a great sale!

Shazza said...

sounds fab!!!