SOS- Did you get email ?

Hello and welcome to another Share On Sunday post.
I would like you to share with me if you received an email newsletter from Funkykits this week?

For some time now, I have suspected that the email newsletter system build into our store is not working. With the many 1000's of subscriber's over almost 6 years, I think its just too big for either the download speed we have here in the sticks or the web package can not handle it.
 I remember some time ago having to change so that the emails were sent out in bundles of 500 to stop the system failing and starting again, leaving some people with 4/5 emails and others none. But I am at a lost as to where that upgrade went?

SO did you get an email this week?

If not its not too late to get FREE stamps.

We were celebrating the arrival of the white stuff with a free snowman stamp when you spend 20 pounds or more on any brand of rubber stamps at

Just enter SNOW in the comments box and you will receive this stamp FOC.

If you fancy making snow men together, lets get ready.


Gorjuss stamps are due to be re licenced again this month, third time around!
With DO Crafts now having the licence, but they have chosen very few designs to be stamps at this time.
We have some low stock and sell outs of the no longer produced Personal Impressions range and of course the original Sugar Nellie range.>HERE<

Low stock also on Simply Sassy stamps by Krista Smith.>HERE<
Funkykits are waiting the new range from Krista for Little Darlings which they will stock
but they are twice the price.

Some Simply Sassy stamps are sold out in rubber for now and many are now available
 as digital stamps for a real quick sugar fix.>HERE<


Creative Boutique in Oldmeldrum Aberdeenshire has a demo day coming up on Saturday 23rd Feb with Jenny Trueman. I will also be there to help out while Katie makes the coffee's and serves up her new range of cupcakes, there is a lot of baking to be done this week!

Cakes are also the talk of the shop in Elgin at PAPERCRAFTS boutique where cup cake decorating classes start on Saturday 2nd March.
Oh the sugar rush is hitting me hard!


One more question before I leave you in peace this Sunday.
 A few years ago I had to furnish a student flat in Glasgow and after much shopping
ended up with everything from Next.
Now it looks like I am upgrading the student flat for a holiday home, thanks to DH,
 in Philadelphia and would like to know...
what is the equivalent of NEXT in the USA?

Their current catalogue is to die for, all those lovely colour comb's that only a crafter can truly appreciate.
I'm already dreaming of having the black/grey/yellow in at least one bedroom if not the lounge.

{Cathy even did a card on the FB The Official Sugar Nellie page in this same colour combo and it was delightful.}
Katie also just finished doing a feature for a magazine in the UK in just those same colour :)
Who say's we aint trendy?
Take care and go collect your free snowman, go on you know you want to
and this offer expires on Tuesday.



Ann-Marie said...

Hi just thought I'd let you know I haven't had an e-mail in a little while, hope this helps. Sorry I don't know the US equivalent to Next but I agree the soft grey colour scheme is beautiful. Love reading your posts, have a good weekend, take care Ann-Marie xxx

craftyb said...

Don't know the equivalent of they even have one...? What I do know is that there are some amaaaaaaazing shopping opportunities in America! I have spent many happy hours drooling!! Lol answer to you question yes I received TWO emails. I've always received two for some reason! Have a great week!x

fiona stewart said...

I got the fact i got it twice..sorry won;t see you next Saturday in Oldmeldrum as other half will be recovering in hospital x But good luck and see you very soon xx

Casper said...

Hiya there Karen,How are you?

Busy busy eh? An Apartment to decorate too woohoo!
No I have not gor a newsletter from Funkykits in like forever?
I get my emails on my mobile now too so I don't miss anything that is going on-too nosey ha ha!

Always great to know what is going on in the Houses of Sugar-Thanks fr the update! Have a great and relaxing Sunday afternoon. Big Hugs Casper xxx

Olivia said...

Oh I missed the newsletter in my box so thank you for the blog update. Off to do some shopping

Daisychain said...

I got an email - but it was for 2010. Not very helpful! Hoping to get an up to date one sometime. Hugs Christine x

Sarah said...

I don't know if it's the equivalent of Next, but Pottery Barn have some similar styles to that photo you posted.

Target may have some things too.

Hope that helps, and have fun furnishing that apartment in PA :)