Saturday Shenanigans

Happy Saturday Everyone!

An especially Happy Birthday to our very own Fiona, the Sweetie who runs our Facebook challenges!

Now birthdays, for me, mean only one thing!


And, some of the finest I’ve ever seen are made by Cat Lawlor of The Cake Cuppery in Dublin.

Now, it’s my birthday tomorrow and I stand very little chance of having anyone buy me a cake but,
if I could have any cake in the whole wide world this would be it….

'Elegant Vintage Cake'

Isn’t that the most exquisite cake you’ve ever seen?

And take a look at these cupcakes…

and as for the cake pops…


Simply exquisite!

As a very good friend of mine, who lives in Dublin attended a wedding where Cat had supplied the 'dessert table' and I have it on very good authority that these taste as delicious as they look!

Now, perhaps I’ll spend the weekend in the kitchen….

What will you do?

Will you perhaps, make a card and join us in our challenges over on Facebook and in The Sugar Bowl?

There are some super sweet sugary prizes to be won!

However you choose to spend it…

Enjoy your weekend!

Gayle x


Fiona said...

thank you sugar mama...those cakes are amazing!! I could never make anything like that!!


Shazza said...

amazing indeed x

Lisa Lynn said...

Happy Birthday - those cakes look amazing. Too bad you don't have a Fairy Godmother to wave a magic wand to get you those glorious looking cupcakes. Have a sweet day!

caroline said...

Happy birthday too you all, the cakes are amazing, i can tell you an amazing amount of time goes into making them i know as thats what i used to do before i had to give up.
Hope you have a great day and somebody surprises you with a lovely cake.
caroline x

Fanny Diaz said...

Wow! Wonderful cake a cupcakes!! I love!