Up cycle for Christmas

Hello stampers, something a little different for you today. I think that all of us can safely be called creative and many of us fall into the category of " hoarder". I know that I have over 10 years of collecting supplies, just in case I find a project that requires said item, don't ever throw anything away, yup I am a hoarder.

Magazines and glass just almost got the big clear out when the council supplied bins for just these two things, maybe it was more than just me that had been saving these for a rainy day.

I have cupboards of glass jars, just sitting waiting to be given a new lease of life.
After seeing the beauties that these could be transformed into at a resent wedding, I know what need to be done.

But then I found this tutorial from Michelle. 

So why not join me in using up those glass jars and bottles, a little bit of glitter, some bought in snowflakes or 
die cut some from glitter card. If you do a jar, pop into pound land and get some battery operated tea lights to 
Place in the jar, these would make a beautiful centre piece.

I will love doing this project, it's right up my street. Why not join me!



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susiestacey said...

Great decorations and a good recycling idea too x Susan x