Quack Quack

Quack quack said the duck, a sneey peeky just for Quackas AKA Karen :)
More peeks tomorrow.


Lydia said...

Oh, that is just so cute!!! Loving the little boots ^.^

Janneke said...


It's so different but so pretty :D

Quixotical said...

Love it! Rachelle's style is awesome. :)


Anonymous said...

I llove him !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mag :-)))

ger76 said...

OMG how lush!!!!
Roll on the weekend :)

Nikki said...


Deb said...

Oooooooooooooh, the cutest little thing ever, I so love him!

Claudia said...

oh my gosch i can not believe it.
these are sooooo cute!
wow... you are going to be sooooo successful with your stamps.
i love them

Claudia said...

he is sooo cute.
you can use plenty of sentiments with this versatile stamp.