Sweet & Sassy

Here she is, Sweet and Sassy, and ain't she cute! Thanks to Tiets for taking time out to play with her and I am just loving this colour combo. Pearls are becoming big news and altho I don't think they will replace bling as one of my favourite embellishment they will sit nicely along side them on my craft table.
Trends in cardmaking?
Are there trend or is there just so much of everything that everything is then trendy?
I am very much influenced by the European crafter's in that there is far more detail in they way that they put a card together, more matting and lots of flowers and brads, where as in the UK we tend to have little of anything on the cards, not that we are tight with our stash but its something that is changing for the better, flat cards are out and busy cards are in. I think my "minimal" look comes for making cards as a business and costing everything out, where as making cards for pleasure is completely different.
SO my challenge to you is use up that mountain of stash and try a little more matting and use up those flowers too. USE up your stash, because I bet, you have more than you can every use!
Rule of thirds is for scrapbooking
in card making the rule of threes..............three patterned papers, three different embellishments and three of each. Give it a try and lets get busy.


Fiona said...

received my sweet and sassy stamp this morning (super quick delivery) and have coloured a couple of stamped images ready to make into cards this evening. I really like the european style and love browsing blogs even if I cant understand them I can stil appreciate the images.

Jeanet said...

She is so beautiful Tiets but you know that alreaddy !

Becky said...

I couldn't agree more, busy cards are the best!
Love becky xx

Glitter Monkey said...

I couldn't agree more - I have definitely been influenced by my very talented friends Katharina, Claudia and Marlene (to name but a few). Their style is definitely one I am adopting and adapting to my own style. Lol Lynn x

Erika said...

Tiets, great card I love your style.

Lin said...

i received my sweet and sassey stamp yeasterday and have made 3 cards already...she is sooo addictive, can't wait for the next ones!!!!

i also love lots of layers and colours,buttons,ribbons,lace the list goes on


Lin said...

i received my stamp yesterday and have made 3 cards already...she is very addictive. can't wait for the others!!!!

retiredheather said...

Great stamp and love the way you put her together. I`m with you, love to have loads of `stuff`on a card...hard to mail though so...hand delivery is the best.
Retired Heather

profittbigpaul said...

Great stuff.
I like your blog and all your scrappy things.

Look forward to reading more.
I love it!!!! Thank you very much!

Donalda's Blog said...

Oh that is so gorgeous !!!!!!! I just love the card well done Tiets.
Debbie I took you up on your challenge and have uploaded it to my blog and I am going to work on more this same way. Thanks for making me use my stash. You can find it Here

Tiets said...

thanks everyone!