Sweet Swedish Sunday

I hope that you have a little time today to sit and be creative in your own little space where ever it may be in the world. I am amazed at the visitors who call in to read these few words. Thank you Sugar Babes, your support is very much appreciated.

I have had a few minuets to play with the hAnglars that Marie gifted to us when I went to H&S HQ back in June. I love these little darlings, I am sure you will too.

We ( SN & FK) are looking at the which UK mags will cover the new release of this range. We are still to make up our minds and the samples for the feature, but as you know, this is HUGE news in the stamping world. Never have stampers gone to so much trouble to get there inky hands on these stamps. Has it been the fact that they are not available that made them wanted so much ?
or is it that they are so well illustrated?
what have you done to to get your hands on hAnglars?

Now that computers are back working in the office, we will get all outstanding candy posted this week to those who have been luck to be having a little sweetness posted your way.


Alison said...

Well I didn't need to do anything because you have done all the hard work for us bringing these babies to Scotland. I haven't had the chance to colour one of these darling babies in yet but thanks to you i will be able to now. A huge thank you from me.

Donalda's Blog said...

Oh I would so LOVE to see some of your gorgeous work dear. Seems like you are always showing others but I know we would love to see yours too.
As for getting my hands on some Hanglars, well I only own 4 of them but I would have to say that I had paid more for these stamps than I have ever spent on a stamp before lol, They are cute but I do love my Sugar Nellie's.

Tiets said...

OOoo you so lucky to may have played even a few minutes with the Hanglers!! and I can Imagine that it's hard too choose!! I wish you good luck and I know you do well!! I emailed a girl in norwey, who I knew from blogs and asked her if she would order the hanglers and lovely Turid she did!!! so that's how I got hangler stamps!
I will wait and wait and be patient hihihiihi

Gayle said...

Well it's human nature to always want, what you can't have, so I'll use that excuse, but they are soooo beautiful too.
Roll on release day, I'm on a HUGE stash diet at the minute, but the H&S were my only exceptions, pennies at the ready!!!
Gayle x

kes said...

ooooh I'm really desperate now it will be like candy to a baby. I have gone too many lengths to get H&S images even joining facebook to see if I have relatives in Sweden alas NONE!!!!!! But I will not be downhearted there are lots of wonderful people in blogging land who have kindly sent me uncoloured images as a RAK. I still wait with everything crossed till FK send me notification that they have arrived. You sound like a very warm kind hearted soul and that is why you have many followers. Every success in all you do

karen said...

it took me forever to get my mits on some H&S, in the end i had to do some pleading on my blog, and i recieved a few images (not stamps)ive only had them around a week and i cant stop using them, i cant wait to get my hands on the actual rubbah and create like mad, they are so cute i want to do candles books cards and everything else i can think of with them.
I bet you have the magazines fighting over them because they have been so exclusive up until now, thanks to you karen
cant wait to see them in all their glory.
karen x

Mona said...

I am one of them that couldn`t wait much longer. Maybe you could tell as how many of these cuties there will be in the meantime?

AJ said...

I can't wait for the H&S stamps to be available... so happy.

Caz said...

My SU Demonstrator friend reads my blog and saw that I was looking for the H&S stamps, she emailed a friend of hers in Sweden, who agreed to get the little darlings for me...and then I placed an order...I cannot tell you how delighted I was when she said yes, I was smiling for days.

I think that ultimately it is the fab design that people love, but also their exclusivity adds to their appeal....nothing like making something impossible to get to make us want it more.

Lim said...

Well I agree with Allison ( the first comment) Thanks to you we are going to have the opportunity of have these beautiful babies soon in our hands. I can't wait.
Before I check this blog and your store everyday...but now is like at least 2 or 3 times a day.. :))
Just in case.. LOL

Shawna said...

I'm waiting to get my hands on my first H&S I'll be on-line as soon as their availble... I think I love every H&S sample I've evr seen but in Montana, USA nobody even knows what they are.( Pooor things).... Thanks for all your hard work we love it !!!!!Shawna

Gill said...

Oh those gorgeous H&S stamps, thankyou so much for bringing them to the UK, you really are special, can't wait for the new designs...

I only have 2 stamps and went to great lengths to get them...I became a member of e-bay sweden, bid for some stamps, won them and then had to send Kr in the post..very trusting I know...but the mad thing was...e-bay was all in swedish and I was just guessing which buttons to press...goodness knows how I did it but I had to have some of those babies, thanks to you I wont have to go through that ordeal again!!!!
thank you for all that you do to bring us such sweet candy
lv Gill x

Debbie said...

Can't wait. They're so cute.

Love Debbie xx

Karin said...

I was about to try and get some H&S through a Swedish friend of my brother-in-law when you're announcement came about the H&S stamps so I've been waiting with baited breath for you :) It's so exciting! I've been down with the flu this weekend so no creativity for me unfortunately. I did update my blog today, including 2 Sugar cards, hope you like them!