Copic Disappointment

I have been waiting for almost a month for an order of Copic's, and not a small order at that, but today after they eventually phoned to say that it had been lost in the system and did I still want it!, obviously "customer is queen" is not a mantra they chant at that wholesaler.
Who would have guessed that some craft companies are struggling in our economic climate here in the UK and would have been pleased to receive a paid before dispatch order of that in the end I said no, very disappointed in their service and now I want to go shopping for some copics, as I have promised these as gifts.

Which web site do you recommend?

Planning a little day trip tomorrow into Aberdeen shire to deliver a few sweet things for the opening of SIMPLY CREATE a new fabulous stamp store in Alford opening on Saturday. All sugar babes welcome but be sure to join us on 20th June for a Sugar Nellie event in Alford.


Galaxy Girl - my Stamp Galaxy Blog... said...

How disappointing for you, it is always difficult to be let down....I do know that Stamp Galaxy have recently got the whole Copic Ciao, Sketch, re-fills and accessories in stock.

Carin said...

Hello there!
I ordered copics from Artifolk (England):
Cult Pens and a few times at Ebeling (Germany)
I'm very satisfied about their service and deliverytime and costs.
Good luck!

NGCARDS said...

Hiya hun sorry to hear your trouble, I get my copics from :- they are always great service and fast delivery I highly reccommend them! xxx

Cass said...

I use Cultpens.They have fantastic service and speedy delivery.Usually next day.I know quite a lot of people recommend them.Looking forward to visiting hopefully both shops in July.I missed the shop in Elgin last year as you were moving premises and were closed.
Cass xxx

Littlebear said...

Hi I've placed two orders for Copics with Cult Pens and each time I received the order the next working day - they were delivered recorded delivery and the postage was free. On top of this the pens were also the best price I could find in UK on internet. I hope this helps.
Clare x

Lynne said...

Hi Debbie, sorry to hear the problems you are having. I stock Copics as well as Sugar Nellies!! lol If you would like to email we have all the colours in stock. Lynne x

Caz said...

I use

Shipping is free over £10 and they do all the different Copics...and their price is very competitive.

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

What a shame ..just ordered my first batch of copics from Cult pens...delivered next day! Best prices I could find around. Enjoy Alford tomorrow!
Judy xx

Michelle said...

Shocking custeomer service to say the least. Sorry can't hep with another website. Have fun in Alford. wish i could come. Working on saturday :( I live just outside Peterhead so not that far. I'll have to have a pop up to see all you fantastic ladies sometime. Will prob drag the hubby and his wallet along LOL

Have a fantastic grand opening

Sharron said...

I just purchased some Copic Caio markers from The Scrapbooking Cottage. She has wonderful customer service!!! She only carries the Caio markers at $3.50 each and free shipping on a $50 order (which is easy to do).

Anywho.....I would highly recommend her. She worked with me beautifully & it was a wonderful experience all around.

Her website is.......

Hope that helps you!

Gayle said...

Oh I wish I was nearer...or could drive!!!
Whilst you're there..they have the best oatmeal in the world in Alford. Come to think of it...Caboc, the best cheese in the world (also rolled in oatmeal) is made in Inverness...maybe I should just move north!
Can you tell I've had no dinner yet?
It's no wonder I'm so fat!
G x

p.s If anything more than garden salad passes my lips in Florida, you have permission to shoot me!

Nicki said...

I found a few for you, hope they help?
Hope you manage to sort out your problem? and find some at a good price?
I personally use the letraset promarkers, which i think are just as good as, but obviously its personal preference, you get the same effects, but im sure there is a difference? not sure what it is tho!

Jane said...

Hi I get my copics from cult pens they are fantastic I order them late at night and they arrive two days later!!! and they're cheaper than anywhere else I've found. HTH Jane xx

jojo79 said...

How disappointing - not the service that makes you want to go back. I ordered mine from Graphics Direct - ordered Mon Eve arrived Wend afternoon - Great service. I have also heard that Cult pens give good service.

JB said...

Hi , i feel so sorry for you .
Look here
they have a quick and good
delivery service and a very good
price .

Greetings Jenny

Karen said...

Hi Karen,

The 2 places that I have ordered copics from are and
Have a great day tomorrow.

Karen x

Lora said...

I used Cult Pens to get my Copics. I have ordered from them 3 times adn each time I have received my markers the next day or if I ordered at night 2 days after i ordered, and I also live in Scotland.
The last time I ordered one marker was out of stock but they let me know by email and dispatched the rest straight away then when it came back in stock they sent me an email to let me know and ask if I still wanted it then posted it the same day. So I am very happy with their service :)
The most I have bought at once was 35 pens though.
Hugs Lora x

Anne said...

This site is very quick. DH ordered for me at Christmas and for birthday from here. When I found a duplicate I posted it back with the colour it wanted it swapped for and it was sent back within 48 hrs, no extra charge. DH said they were great to deal with :)

Lou said...

Must say Cult Pens has been best site I have found best customer service and best prices

joey said...

I'm a cult pen customer too, was the cheapest I could find and super speedy delivery, not good service from the other place at all.Joey.x

Dawn said... They ship same day, it's owned by two people, and I've never had such fast service, I got my order in like two days!

Suzette said...

Sorry to here about your disappointing order. The place I buy copics is at cult Pens they are very good,they offer next day delivery as well as any order over £10 you get free delivery.

Hope that helps

Debbie said...

Cult Pens...excellent service, and free delivery if order over £10. Give them a try.

Hugs Debbie xx


Hi - how utterly frustrating for you. Like some of your other bloggies, I bought mine from Cult Pens, with free p&p when spending over £10 (that was a no-brainer for me of course)!! The order arrived within 48 hours, and when I phoned prior to placing my order, just to make sure some of the shades were in stock,they were extremely helpful.
Love, Sylvia xxxx

Toni said...

it has to be cult pens for me excellent service every time

Janet Makinson said...

How annoying you would think that any company at the moment would cherish an order. I know that if you visit this website they will only be to happy to help and they have a lovely range of the copics in. They also have a piece on there blog about them Hope you get sorted.

Beth said...

Oh no - thats rubbish! Like lots of others here, I use Cult Pens, the order arrived about 20 hours after I'd made it! And free P&P over £10 too! xx

daniandcole said...

As I am in the US, I am not sure if the places I buy from will help you any. - excellent prices and once you place one order you become a gold member and they have the lowest prices I have found as a member. I just looked and although they dont do free international shipping, its the actual cost with no handling fees. I have also purchased from, I havent checked their international shipping though.

I do hope you can find something!
Good Luck,

Michelle said...

I assume you were buying wholesale? I too was dissapointed at their lack of speed in shipping. They say 30 days, but it is actually more like 6 weeks to get your order.

I am curious, did they offer to expediate your shipment after their mistake or make up for it in any way?

I am debating about placing a second order with them, although I love their product and know they would be good sellers to stock in my store.

I might say if you will be buying them anyway from a retailer you are still supporting Copic's business, so you may as well order direct and get the wholesale pricing (if that is what you were doing to begin with), and maybe get a few to tide you over till then.

sugarnellie said...

Michelle, the girl found it hard to apologies for the fact that they had lost the wholesale order,so there was no chance of a speedy delivery.

Thank you girls, I have purchased a set and even arranged to had it shipped direct. I hope now that she gets a nice surprise :)

I will stick with my Prisma pencils for now.

Jessica said...

I was just this morning, looking for a place where I could bu them 1 or 2 at a time. I found hem for $3.22 (US) at I have no idea where they are or what their shipping rates are as I haven't ordered from them. They cary lots of different kinds of markers so they probably have a wholesale program. I hope this helps.

Dawn said...

Oooh I live in Peterhead and have just heard about the new store in Alford - Have got to get there soon!!