Stitch in time

Here is another little peek of one of my favourite new designs , STITCH, sorry that you are not seeing much of it but I have not had time to learn how to watermark pictures yet. If you have a look back at Leanne's blog you might get an idea of others that are coming too. :)

There are no pre orders, so many stampers have asked about this, its only gorjuss kits that we operate a pre order system because we could not guess the response they would have.

We expected the eight new Leanne Ellis stamps to with us today, but maybe the Monday holiday is effecting deliveries. Maybe by the end of the week we can have them over to Funkykits, lets just see what this week brings.



Squelly said...

What program are you using to draw the image in? I may be able to give you a quick tutorial on the watermark issue :-) I work in Corel Draw and AI.

Michelle said...

Good luck with these

Michelle said...

your stamps (and blog) are ADORABLE!!!! Just came across your blog now so I'll go back and have a proper look and hopefully I can buy some of the stamps too xx