Book Club

These are too cute, reading is good for you and these super cute stamps are sure to be a hit. These are the final 2 from the September release from Mary Hall.
Our local crafty book club have been reading Twilight and the DVD night is planned for Friday. The next book on our hit list is The Time Travelers Wife, but we get a night out at the pictures for that one :)
My youngest is still getting Biff and Chip books as reading homework and after reading these for the last 14 years with all four of my children I think I know those off by heart too.
The next peeks will be of the new Country Cousins Christmas stamps........teasing you :)


Donalda said...

Oh these are just so cute dear. I can't wait to see the Country Cousins too. Just adorable dear

craftypagan said...

I love Mary Hall! Her images are too cute and I love images of kiddies reading! Too cute! Eeee gads, soooo much sugar-not that I'm complaining! Keep em coming! You're book club sounds fun-always wanted to be in a book club after seeing that episode of Absolutely Fabulous-don't think its much like that though-they were reading Hello magazine! hehehe. The time travellers wife is a wonderful book but sad too-its superbly writeen so you'll have to check out the book before you go to see the film! Since having Leo I don't have time to read-well I do but I choose to craft instead but when I craft i listen to audio books-2 birds, 1 stone and all that. *officially waffling* Lots of Love Rowena

margie c said...

Awww, how sweet are these two!!!
I must adopt them when they're released!
Hope you're loving Twilight!!!
We're huge fans ;)
... and you will fall in love with the Time Traveler's Wife! Both the book and movie are exquisite!
Enjoy and TFS :*)
~ margie

kjjc said...

are you teasing us making us wait for the charity stamps?

Jane said...

Oh these are adorable! My little boy is reading the Biff and Chip books too!! he only started school last year but I hadn't thought of the fact I'd be hearing about Biff and Chip for such a long time LOL!!! hugs, Jane x

Stephanie Wright said...

Cute stamps - currently reading Time treavellers wife and enjoying it - Twilight ones are fab as well and I know the Oxford reading tree ones from work. My fav school books were the ones with roger red-hat in! Books are fab!