Making headlines

The House of Sugar is based in ELGIN, which today is making headline news, for the same reason it is always on the news, Elgin is flooded, roads and rail links are closed, schools shut down, business are knee deep in water and nothing is operating as it should.

We are not directly effected but things like the post office etc are. Funkykits already have a backlog of order to dispatch and this will only add to the delivery time for any orders. They will also have to delay the release of the charity stamps until they are all up todate, yes they are here but will be released next week sometime.
Christmas Manga are also due soon and as soon as new rubber arrives the DT packages will be sent out. Nothing much happened in August but Sept and Oct will make up for it.
I have loads of new artwork to show you but will take a minuet to catch up with my work load before showing you sweet stamps from
Diane's new range, Country Cousins Christmas and the rest of Mary Halls designs.
Many of these are already at the rubber factory and will be available in the next two weeks, hopefully the DT will get theirs first and show you some wonder full card and craft ideas.

A quick get well message to Gayle who runs the Sugar Bowl Challenge blog, take care babe, put your feet up and get better soon.


Tiets said...

Ooo can't wait for the package and see all the new stamps!!
Hugs Tiets xx

joey said...


oooh it sounds like a nightmare with all that flooding, I hope it doesnt hold up funkykits too much sure people will more than understand though. Looking forward to seeing the new artwork in the future.

Jane said...

Oh dear, sounds terrible! It is very windy and raining constantly here but at least we're not flooded. Hope it eases off for you soon! Jane x x

Wilma said...

Hi - Being a regular visitor it Elgin I can well imagine the damage caused by the flooding. The weather has been pretty bad here too (Forfar) but too many hills here to cause that much of a problem - Hope the weather gets better soon!

Jessica said...

So sorry to hear your town is underwater! I hope you all remain well, and the only problems you incur are postal ones!

Donalda said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear about your town dear but thank GOD you are not flooded.
I am sure anyone that has orders will be very understanding dear of this. Take care.

Jane said...

My goodness I am just watching it on the news!!

queen-of-nostalgia said...

Try to stay dry! I just have to tell you, I got my first ever Sugar Nellie stamps two days ago, and I am in heaven! LOVE them! I couldn't be happier :)

Can't wait to see the new releases!

dawnmarieg said...

I was thinking about you all today when I saw the news. Hope everyone is safe and dry. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Gayle said...

Aw shucks boss.***BLUSHING***

I'll be fine...but thanks for the mention!

Love that rrong???

G x

craftypagan said...

Eee gads! Am so glad you guys are all ok! flooding is such a nightmare, have had that experience a few times at businesses I was managing. At least you guys are all ok, feel so sorry for those who have been affected though. Enjoy your weekend! Love Rowena

Stamping Seasons said...

Ohhh how exciting.... new rubber. Your weather sounds pretty bad over there!

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Oh I was thinking about you today..we got it bad yesterday but you guys always get it worse!!! I hope it doen'st affect your business too much and that the sun makes an appearance soon!
Judy xx

Kat said...

Hi Karen, I saw some piccies on the news and was hoping you weren't affected. Glad to hear you are ok. Been really nasty down here between Ellon and Peterhead too. My daughter took over 2 hours to get home from work in Aberdeen. Usuallly a 40 minute journey.

Kat x

Kim Dellow said...

Hope you guys are ok with the floods...Kim

Erika said...

Looking forwards to seeing the new stamps Karen.

Went into Elgin today and the river was very full, as was the park but atleast the roads appeared fine. I feel sorry for the folk who's houses flood that must be a nightmare.

Gayle get well soon you, xxxxx.

scrappyjan said...

Oh Boy NOT good. Sorry the hear about all of the water!! We did get a break in the hot temps hear today as it is pounding rain out there. But NO flooding.

I can't wait to receive my DT package and see all of the NEW stamps!!

Take care,