Snowy times

It snowed here today, things are getting colder and I am happy to see the snow fall. My kids love to play and I love them to go out and play!

Some new snowy themed stamps coming in the New Year, keep those snowflake punches handy not only for Christmas cards but for warm winter wishes too.

If I get any peeks I will show you later but for now its just a quiet month all round in the House of Sugar, time to catch up with boring jobs like paperwork and sweeping the floors.

I still have most of my shopping to do, food is almost done but gifts are a little harder to find. We had our staff night out last week and my first traditional turkey dinner of the season.

Still looking for the perfect gingerbread house, any ideas?



Donalda said...

Oh we have had no snow yet here. It is pretty when it does but do not like to drive in it lol

You need this time to rest dear after all the hard work you have done for us this year. Sit back put the feet up and relax dear
Hugs and have a Merry Christmas

Wilma said...

don't know about the gingerbread house Karen but its been snowing in Forfar almost all day - lovely to look at from the inside of double glazed windows !!

Lena Katrine said...

I'm really exited to see your next collection of stamps :9

Here in Norway it's SO cold today - where I live, we have 30 degrees minus...brrrr!!

Have a great day!

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

oh yes all snowy here too! What fun! I have seen a gorgeous gingerbread house in Costco. I don't know if you have one of them near you??
Judy x

Nora said...

We've had nearly a foot of snow on the ground for the last week...expecting more by Tuesday, just in time for Christmas. We'll have this "white stuff" off n on till almost Mother's Day (2nd wk of May). I guess I'm glad the boys don't get snow days in Utah or I'd go insane, because they'd be home all of the time & I wouldn't get any crafting done! *LOL*
No ideas on gingerbread houses, but would love to see pix once you decide on one!
Merry Christmas!

Gunilla said...

We used to bake one gingerbread house, it's so fun. Do you want to know how? Pictures and drawings?
Have a nice Christmas
we have snow in Sweden too, and a strong icy wind.
Hugs Gunilla

Dorothy E said...

We in B.C. Canada had -36 last week and today it is up to +5 right now and melting!!!! I love it when it is cold enough to see the icey crystals on the trees at night when one is driving into my house, well or anywhere else I guess!!!! LOL
My idea for your gingerbread house is get some friend that isn't so busy to make you one!!! How's that??? Makes perfect sense to me! LOL
My daughter and her fiance were in Edmonton Alberta last weekend. I do believe it was the 1st or 2nd coldest place on earth at the time. -50. And they had to travel 8 hours to get that!!! Mind you they came from north of that so probably not much different than where they live.
Just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!
Looking very forward to see what you come up with next!
Hoho hugs from Canada!!!

weewiccababe said...

I thought Lakeland might have done a gingerbread house, but can only find a gingerbread train on their website. But then they maybe have stuff in the shop that they don't have online.
The snow's turned all crunchy here, hoping for more to fall tonight

Gunilla said...

We had lots of snow here too, but now it's around zero!! Don't want the snow to be gone before christmas eve!!! We will be 17 round the table, guests coming from near and far away.
Wishing you a merry christmas
Hugs Gunilla

Santana said...

Well a little of that snow made it over here to France, but no Gingerbread houses. Last time I bought one it was in IKEA, have you one near you?

Have loved discovering your blog, am already a fan of your stamps ;), and can hardly wait to see what you have in store for us in the New Year!