Copics tutorials

Well I am sitting in the HOS at my desk surfing, killing time until the new rep shows up, I am sure his appointment was at 10am. I am also checking out the prices of copic, it would not be the first time I am offered something that sells for less on the Internet than it does wholesale to stores. Crazy I know but I have been caught out before.

But I am impressed with the copic tutorials that Chrissy has done using the Sassy stamp Fashionista. I am sure if you put the kettle on and sit down and watch this with a note pad at the ready to write down numbers you will learn more than you would standing around a desk watching a demo.  So grab a coffee, oh you might as well treat yourself to a cake too, and watch these tutorials.

I hope to come back with some copics news soon but until you have cake for me?



Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Chrissy's tutorials are ace! I hope your copic guy turns up! I LURVE my copics :)

Missing you guys !

Judy x

Shazza said...

yummy cake is necessary when surfing blogland don't you think?

Jane said...

Oooooo the colouring is awesome on this card....Mmmmmm loving the look you get with copics but I have only just finished getting all my promarkers!...been getting a few each month till I had the full set!

Janette said...

Hi Karen, Sorry no cake today, am trying to diet....heaven help me...again.....will pop and see the tutes, although I do use promarkers....but it's good to want something else isn't

Marion said...

Hi Karen, Hope your rep turned up. I have been watching Chrissy's videos each day and they are fabulous. Making notes of copics used. I have all promarkers and just the odd 9/10 ciao. Price for me is the biggest stumbling block! Looking forward to the new Sassy's.