Was it you?

I received this lovely card and tag today, but I have no idea who sent it?
It's not unusual to receive cards and gifts in the HOUSE of SUGAR, we are very lucky that you all think so much of us to send  things, the DT some times send samples for use in the store and we get "thank you" & "just because" cards out of the blue and its lovely to receive them.
 Even home bakes are dropped off for our coffee times :)
But there were no clues as to who sent this card today, own up, who forgot to write inside the card? LOL

Mark would like me to tell you that there has been a hold up with the company making the new Gorjuss stamps and his hands are tied, he can not get them to you any faster. As soon as they are made and packed they will be shipped to Funkykits so that he can fill all pre orders.
 If you wish to cancel your order you may but you will then have to go to the end of the line and there are no guarantees that you will get them in the first delivery.
All packets are labeled and have your other shopping enclosed, he is just waiting (not so patiently) for Gorjuss girls to arrive from the new supplier. :( disapointing I know but what can he do?

What you doing this weekend?

It was an absolute delight to read all your comments, I do feel like I am talking to myself sometimes but I am as equally guilty of reading and running, not leaving a comment. My bad.

Trish, congratulations on your new grand daughter, bless her ten tiny toes.
Elaine I am please to hear that the adorables are working well for you.
Gill I have never tried a bookatix, did you get it finished?
For all those who were feeling poorly or had sick kids, I hope you are recovering well.
Kaos, I love 3D decor and hope to see what you did do on your blog.
For all the crafters who did have cards and challenges (especially Sugar Bowl Challenge) cards
to make this weekend, its great that you found the time as its a common problem with most crafters, finding the time to do what you have planned.

Jodi, I too love to follow a sketch, it speeds things up not having to think about the lay out and if I can save time I have to go down that path........ or sleep less.

Pat, I wish you all good things with your baby clinic, I hope that there are more tears of joy than sadness and that your kind heart is rewarded with many happy memories and the knowledge that you did what you could to help not only the babies but their families at a difficult time in.

Can I come back and list the candy winners tomorrow as I am running out of steam today.....


After Jenny's classes in Papercrafts this Saturday, I gathered ever thing that was left over and took it home to make some quick and easy cards for the Daffodil tea at the school this Thursday. Knowing that these cards will be sold in aid of funds and not at a high value, I kept it clean and simple and did a good few cards with the Fizzy Moon range. I will not send too much up to the school as there are only 30 kids and I don't think there will be a huge crowd of people turning out. BUT the school did receive an award this past Friday, not sure what it was for but for a tiny school it was a huge achievement and the award ceremony with rather grand, as my 8 year old told someone " I will not be available between 6-9pm on Friday as I am going to an award ceremony with FOUR STAR FOOD!", you can tell she's her mothers daughter LOL


I have seen some more sketches for SIMPLY ADORABLE's but we have issues over the sale of toppers on ebay, the artist is not to happy and I have to look at addressing her concerns before we get any more.
Let me tell you that they are, as always, adorable and I do hope that I can bring your these beauties.

take care



Cathy said...

Your little one did make me smile .. 4 star food LOL!!! Was it 4 star or not then!!!
Do we get to see your Fizzy Moon creations anytime ... would love to see them.
What a beautiful card and tag, love the bright colours on it ... I haven't inked that beauty up for ages.
Hope is warm and sunny with you.
Cathy xx

Shazza said...

what a cute card, hope you find who sent it. Nice to see you yesterday

weewiccababe said...

that's such a pretty card and tag - wish it had been me that made it though.
that's a shame there's an issue with toppers on ebay - I wouldn't have thought there would have been a market for that kind of thing, guess I must be pretty naive

Elaine said...

Hi Karen.
Such a beautiful card and tag, I hope the creator comes forward!

I always read your blog, but sometimes I don't get time to comment ( I do often read it while I'm on a coffee break at work)
I hope the problem with toppers on ebay gets resolved and quickly!

Love Elaine xx

Julie said...

Hope you find out who the lovely card and tag are from.
Shame about the Gorjuss Girls, I'll have to try and stay patient, can't wait to get them.
I don't sell toppers or cards on ebay but i thought it was ok as long as the image is coloured?

Paula said...

Gorgeous card & tag - not guilty.
Sounds like you've definitely had & still have your hands full.
Paula (PEP)

Jane said...

I have Gorjuss on pre-order, shame there is a delay but certainly not worth cancelling. Something to look forward too! Jane x

Trish said...

I don't know the extent of your problem on ebay, but I sure hope it cab be resolved as it would be a shame to stop making more of those adorable adorables!!

Alex said...

Whoever sent the card and tag- they are GORGEOUS! Love the comment by your little one, I think it is all about the food myself.
Hope everything with the artist works out. Sorry to hear about the Ebay issue. I don't know exactly what toppers are, but regardless, it sounds like someone not being considerate and/or following angel policies.

Janette said...

Not me either I'm afraid, it is gorgeous though..hope things work out with the 'Adorable ones'...they are so cute...would love to see more..xxx

Sarah B said...

The Card and Tag are mine!! I have to confess!!! I made them ages ago for a Card Mag Feature on behave of Funky Kits and Sugar Nellies, Glad people like it

Hugs sarah B X

Pat said...

Thanks Karen for your kind and encouraging words. I miss the Sweeties...and will try to work in a card or two for an occasional challenge until I can cut my hours back at work so I can come back!! Can't wait to see Krista's new images at Funky Kits!! Whooohooo!
Hugs. Pat