Good Morning Blogger

Middle of the week already, and I am still chasing my tail!

 I did not get far with the paperwork mountain yesterday and no doubt it will still be there this time next week.

But with my brain about to combust with the thought of new artwork and all that comes with it, I wonder how much easier it would be to work as part of a big team within a large company. So I get the job of picking the new art work and signing all the papers and then someone else takes over and I sit back and watch what the customer, you, make of it when you eventually get to see it.

By which time its no longer new to me and I am away working on the next releases. Crazy how I sit here with Christmas design and its only MAY for goodness sake, no wonder I have had enough of the season by the time my children want to decorate the house.

So once we have the art work what next?
Ideally I would then hand it over to another department of employee s ( oppps there is only me ) who would be trained in promotions and desk top publishing ( no it cant be me ) and have some nice new packaging designed with our company logo ( yes I know I have not go around to that one yet) and them there is the pre release campaign. Oh lord that sound political !

With so much of our marketing done on the Internet it is essential that tags, blinkies,banners and peeks be right on target, which department does that again?
Magazine work has to be done so far in advance it throws the whole release date into the air, I do not have patience to wait, if I have it here in my hand I want you to see it, that's only fair right? Sitting on new stamps for 3 months while a mag goes to print etc kills me, its like sitting in front of the Christmas tree without being allowed to open the presents.

So check list
product manufactured
new packaging
press release
magazines features and adverts
promotional Internet pic's, banners etc
and that leaves us with the actual release itself.

Competition's, candy, blog hops, shop demo.........can you tell by now that I really am not the person for this job!
Can you understand that while Sugar Nellie has no employee's sitting in an office block, working on this list in different departments, but amazingly, some how up until now I have manage to do a little of those things in a very put together blue peter style with double sided sticky tape and a photo copier, that is how I have done it for over 3 years.

It's time for change.............

but I don't know if I can hand my babies over to someone else! :(


Julye said...

You do such a wonderful job but definitely sounds like you need a break, wish I could offer to help but think it might be a bit far away to pop by and share your burden here in Yorkshire but it really sounds quite interesting along with having lots of areas where there is room for frustration too.

Cathy said...

Karen, it is amazing what you have achieved over the last 3 years, and how much the stamp ranges have developed and progressed in that time. Sugar Nellie was one of my first stamp ranges, and i still adore Hamish and Maggie. You have an amazing eye for what we want and what works ... but if you need help ... I can help!!!!! Well I can put the kettle on, and tidy up LOL!!!
Cathy xx

weewiccababe said...

oh I can imagine how you feel - you need more hands but then with more help comes less control.
If you ever need any help - especially anything that can be done remptely just shout. And am sure you'll get plenty more offers of help
And remember we appreciate it all

Elaine said...

Sugar Nellie may 'just' be you, but look at how much you've achieved just by being you? Maybe that's part of the reason why you have so many dedicated Sugar Addicts? Because they all feel like a part of your rubber family?
There's been a few big companies that haven't survived the recession whereas a little Scottish woman cutting rubber is still here and still bringing us amazing stamps from amazing artists.
We all know and understand that change happens, and often for a good reason and I'm sure that whatever you do will work out because Sugar Nellie will always be your baby.

Love Elaine xx

Thistleblue said...

Well that makes for an interesting read, you don't really realise or perhaps think about all the work that goes into your gorgeous stamps, though obviously we're aware of the blog hops and the advertising, you don't necessarily think that its all organised by you yourself.
Hope any changes you decide on all go well!
hugs and have a great day

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Gosh you sound tired and weary Karen! It is all too much for one person. Can you hire some employees and share out the work while still retaining control of SN? I am sure you have thought of lots of these things. Take it easy ! Do what is right for you!

Hugs Judy xx

Paula said...

Uh oh - sending lots of tlc your way.........not much help really but what can I say - I need to move north to be of practical help. Thinking cap on & brain is ticking away.............
Much love
Paula (PEP)

Macpurp said...

you are a busy bee! I can lend you my blue peter badge.....but you can't tell anyone it's secret!

love teen xx

Maria Therese said...

You ARE doing an amazing job ;)

Sheila said...

Give me your job right now......heaven being surrounded by stamps, rubber, papers, oh never mind the bills, the phone, the housework, the meetings...just give me the rubber stamps to play with he he! Feel for you a lot - must be a very demanding position to be in - trying to keep us mad stampers happy 100% of the time, so take care, Sheila;)X

Craftilicious said...

Sounds like you need to go outside - have a very loud scream to release the pressure, the sit down with a VERY big slice of cake......

Janette said...

I'm sure it can all get abit much for you at times....but....you have done remarkably well this far, and if it's not broken..and all that.....take care.xx

Shazza said...

I don't know how you do it all Karen x

lynne said...

Wow, my head is spinning just reading it never mind doing it! You must be exhausted at times and once that mega list is done how do you have a personal life!!
May be a extra pair of hands would be great...but as you said, this is your baby and would be hard to give it all to someone else to sort out.
At least you know that all your hard work is much appreciated, this shows in the number of fans that follow your blog and products! We all love them!

Lynne x

Take a well deserved rest!

Vicky said...

My nan always said to me 'If it works why fix it' your story made me laugh hun I know maybe it shouldn't as its obvious you work your butt off.....however you do an amazing job thats works. Not one person could fault your store or your blog. So if it works why change it.....altho you could hire someone just to shout at & take things out on when you are angry & maybe prod with a little stick when things go wrong lol.....just kidding.....or am I.
Anyway I just want to say you do a brilliant job keep it up.

Big hugs up to Scotland Vicky xxx

Anne said...

SO many hats you wear Karen ---- just have your fun hat on on the
28th !!!!
Anne x

Jodi C. said...

WOW!!!! It's so AMAZING what you have done on your own!!! WOW!!!WOW!!WOW!!!!
I can really understand the difficulty of letting go of control, I am one of those people. If online help is ever needed.....I would LOVE to do that for you....probably along with tons of other people....because your stamps are just SO FABULOUS!!! THANK YOU for them!!!

ourmoi said...

Karen, I'm relatively new to Sugar Nellie and all the blogs that are linked. I am amazed at how many followers you have gained in the time I've been around. You have a wonderful talent, a generous heart and I'm certain a loving fan base! So count to ten and feel the force of us all behind you! (((hugs))).

Debra said...

Hi Karen
Thank you for all the work you do! I was wondering if you will ever offer the Simply Sassy stamps as digi's? I would be willing to pay the same price as the rubber, I just don't do well with actual ink LOL!

Nicola Anne said...

You have done a fantastic job Karen. You deserve to feel pround of what you have achieved up to this point with the shop (an absolute stunner of a shop) and the stamps, everything............ but business includes being able to share the taks so you can concentrate on the omportant stuff. It was seeing the Sugar Nellie stamps that I got into stamping and the fact I am now skint ha ha ha.

I'm moving back to Inverness in a few weeks and will happily help you run your empire lol........