Oh thats....pintresting

As much as I have serious copyright issues with black and white stamp images and digi stamps being loaded onto boards and taking off into the black hole of the web {as do 75 other stamps companies in the STAMP OUT group, it's not just me!} Notice how Pinterest have had a change to their TOU?

I still love PINTEREST.

No matter what your into, you will find inspiration, and enjoyment over on their site.

Katie is searching for CUPCAKES for HOS#2

Debbie and Kate look for cute puppies and kittens.
{Yeah, what is that about, not my cup of tea at all}

I like to look for inspirations store displays, it gives me an excuse to go junk shopping and get creative putting all the ideas together.

So I thought that we could all share our Pin Interests, there is loads of cards, craft ideas, humour, sayings and food stuff.................there is just about everything to be found if you have the time to look.

Want to share your finds with me?
You all know Whats on my Work desk Wednesdays.
SO how about a blog day to share your pins?

Grab this image and start your post with it.
(If you can, always credit the owner of your picture, if they did not watermark or
the source is not available, you cant.)

Load your favourite of the week on to your blog and share on a Sunday,
I am looking forward to seeing what interests you all have apart from cardmaking.

 If your would like to join me, we can do this every Sunday?

I hope to finish the wedding invites this week, I have Debbie home for Easter and
 on her 22nd Birthday on Wednesday we go to collect her dress!

For now I am matting and layering like mad and then there are those tiny little stick on pearls.

I hope to get somewhere with the lease for HOS#2 this week, lots of small print I ain't happy with but I am a great believer in "What's For Ye, Won't Go By Ye".
I am hopeful that we will get there and we will have the keys in 3 weeks because we have a lot of new stock
arriving for our Aberdeenshire store, so many lovely classes planned and not to mention the cup cakes!

When I get an idea in my head I run with it, it's the only exercises I get! LOL

Take care and I hope you have an enjoyable Easter Sunday.


Debbi Glennie said...

sounds like a great idea Karen, think I might have a go at this later this afternoon

Fiona said...

ooh...I'm off to join in..

Shazza said...

great idea Karen, I never seem to find time to browse Pinterest much, FB and blogging eat up the hours. Have fun with the stick on pearls and good luck with the lease, can't wait x

Flutterby Trina said...

this is so much fun! thank you for starting it, zoo looking forward to next week now! x