SOS Share on Sunday

How has your week been? Anyone get any crafting done this week? Any of you manage to find the time to do our challenges? FB (SUGARNELLIE) and the Sugar Bowl both run challenges for your creative enjoyment. If you love the sweet stuff as much as we do I am sure you already know about both those.

SO it's Sunday again, where does the weeks go. At home the lambing is finished and Debbie has returned to Glasgow to do her last few exams before coming home for the wedding, less than 100 days and my girl will be off around the world to start a new life. eeeeekkkkkk

So it's time to think about what I am going to wear........

trousers or dress

long or short

On choice made, it will not be long, that's far to fancy for a Scottish wedding.
Second choice, I need a cardi, yes its true , I hate to have my upper arms bare.

this one from Nordstrom is nice but its very pale, the do have it in blue but only small sizes. That's that about, are there no big girls out there? And while I am on a rant, those models, Mother of the Bride, I don't think half of them are old enough to have children!

So what did you choose to wear at the last wedding? Are hats still the thing? Was there even long dresses?

Well I am no further forward with my weight loss, ain't that a surprise. It's ok, I have almost 100 days, right?

What have your chosen this week to Share on Sunday?


Fiona said...

wow Karen these are lovely but I really like the bottom 2 pictures...I think you would be stunning in either of those.

My share will be along shortly.


Erika said...

I like the second one if that is any help, long and flowing with arms covered...that would tick my boxes. Enjoy your cake!

Erika said...

Lovely outfits, my favourite is the first one in the second pic, but all are stunning.
Had a ball yesterday thank you.

Debbi Glennie said...

sorry - running a whole lot late this week
bonny outfits Karen, have you got a colour in mind?