The Apprentice

You will not find Alan Sugar here at the House of Sugar but we do have the apprentice thing going on.

So this week our wee apprentice has been busy learning the trade, challenged with making samples for her new store and playing with all the toys that we all know and love.

Much to the delight of Kate's Tuesday class, there was one extra in the class room this week. "oh she looks just like her mother" was a constant reminder of her DNA.  And like her "Mother" she took the bull by the horns (farmers wife after all) and did brilliantly.

A natural born crafter. So much so that we are thinking about putting her on her own demonstrators table this Saturday. Papercrafts have a busy day planned and those of you who are local know that the buzz on a demo day is not to be missed, (nothing to do with the cup cakes).

We even have some sugar addicts
coming all the way from Glasgow!

Got to love the loyalty of our customers.

All our customers are special, we are all about you,
 not the demonstrators although we love their
creative talent and for them to share with you,
 but without you they are lost.

Off now to open some more boxes and get the shop looking ship shape
for tomorrow.
01343 548864

I hope to see you if you can make it, but we have the camera ready to tell you
all about it next week.

keep warm and cozy
take care


Shazza said...

the girl done good!!! Great teachers though I have to say. Have fun tomorrow, I'll think of you all while stood freezing in the banking hall

Fiona said...

looking forward to it Karen.