Will the sun still be shining on Sunday, who can tell?

But this week has been sunny and I even spent some time on the beach.

But what I would really like is a little beach hut.
I have wanted one since the 1990's but there is only one village along our coast which has them and they are like hen's teeth, you're never going to get to the top of the waiting list, they have to be handed back into the pot and locals have priority before "out of town" families.

If I even win the lottery I am going to buy a strip of land and build a row of beach huts. Think of all the things you could do inside decoration wise. Everything in miniature and no need to cart it all home after a day at the beach. The kids could play on the sand while you sit back with a good book and lap up the sunshine.
Good old fashioned family fun, free fresh air, buckets and spade, sandy sandwiches and flasks of tea.

Reality is a bit different, the weather is the key to all perfect days by the beach.
And this week it is here along the Moray Coast and we had better enjoy it because in Scotland you can have all four weather seasons in one day! I ain't kidding you.

So I will dream of sunny days, picnics and beach huts while looking at all the pretty pictures on PINTEREST, some of those beaches are the stuff of dream but dreams are free and available to all.


Just before I go, I wonder how many of you read Creative Cardmaking?

Issue 42 landed in the house of sugar on Thursday and if sales are anything like the last time we had a feature in it, they will not last long.
 Kate Mellis has quite the fan club in the North East.

It was a scorching week in Elgin and Kate was stuck at work,
 normally good weather means few customers but this week we must
 have had half the crafters in Aberdeenshire thru for a day out.

All those ladies went home well stocked up with goodies and happy in the knowledge that they will not have to travel so far to get the friendly service and innovative crafting ideas, as it Is make or break week with the lease on the new store. We have a back up plan so either way, the House of Sugar will be open this summer somewhere in Aberdeenshire.

And we will be able to show how to make beautiful cards with the sweetest rubber.

Like these two Leanne Ellis stamps, Poise and Day Dreamer which Kate has made into very classy cards for this magazine feature. I love the green paper pleats and the scalloped roof, playing with paper can be so much fun!

A fresh look in green and orange, stamp used was To and Fro 

Now maybe I am bias but having read the mag, I can honestly say that Kate's cards do stand out.
We do work a lot with Creative Cardmaking and their sister companies.
 Soon we will be working on Christmas features, yes in a heat wave we are colouring in snowmen!
 (when I say we you know its not me right?)

I will leave you with that thought and I hope that you are having a great weekend, have you got anything to


Fiona said...

oh those little beach huts look fab'll just need to hijack one of them..well done Kate on your article...need to go buy the mag.


will be along soon with my SOS.

kathr said...

Gorgeous Pics, hate the fact I live on the West Coast, but one day I am determined to visit The House of Sugar!...
hugz Kath...xx...

Anonymous said...

That beach hut looks fabulous - but the thing that really got me was the folded up 'granny square' crocheted blanket - oh my! It brought back such a lot of wonderful memories of when I lived in South Africa and Granny did actually make those blankies - with the black around each square!
Lovely memories of yesteryear!