SOS - Congratulations

Hello and welcome to my weekly post. I have had a great week, how about you?

I know its been made a little sweeter yesterday for the girls who won candy from the Return To Fairy Glen blog hop last weekend. As I expect those stamps are near sold out by now, single figures last time I looked, you will still get your sugar fix as we always put a couple to the side for giving away at a launch. Well done to you all, remember to get your details into Gayle or you will lose out.

Congratulations too Elaine Livesey today, as she celebrates her birthday, life is one big party for Elaine lately! There have been many family celebrations in the past few weeks and now its her turn to be the centre of attention.

Many of you know Elaine.
With a heart of gold, she often spoils others with no cause or reason, just because.
This very past week I received a parcel with those adorable crochet mice from Tabby Crafts that were feature on this very blog by Gayle a month or so ago.

 To say there are like hen's teeth and so hard to get, would be an understatement! But Elaine was lucky enough to be on the order list and what did she do when her order arrived? She gave them away! Always giving, be it her time, opinion, support or candy, Elaine Livesey is one the thee most kind hearted women you will ever have the pleasure of getting to know.

Happy Birthday my Darling,
 I hope today and evey day brings you
the love and happiness you deserve.
(now that's enough sappiness from me)


 I took a few days off this week and went to the Royal Highland Show, its been two years since I last visited with my soon to be son in law. But back we went with the two youngest, still living at home, kids. It was hot, as I don't leave the HOS much and never sit in the sun anymore, it was a nice change to be kisses by the Scottish sunshine for the first time in years.

A little celebraty spotting, catching up with many friends and a good time all round.

I headed straight to the craft tent where this year it was the animal art that took my fancy. I even dragged hubby back last thing to see some original art that I many have thought about buying for our anniversary next week, but he did not like it. 

Saying that I am sure that there are lots of things I am going to love and want this week when I set up the pop up shop in Forres. 15 big boxes of East of India landed in the HOS just as I was leaving, I did not even get to peek!  I LOVE EOI. So maybe its a good thing I still have some pennies left over.

Gisele Graham delivery will be with us sometime this week or next, so it's like Christmas early at work. I am sure that Kate is having lots of fun when deliveries arrive, but she will be stressing out over the mess! Boxes everywhere but not for much longer.

Craft wise, there is a lot of stock ordered many months ago that we are still waiting for, so much so that I dare not order anymore until I see what is already on its way. There is a demonstration on the 6th July in ELGIN, with a surprise new face to our store.

So this week will see me running around like that head less chicken/hen/old boiler ......again.  I need to rent a big white van and move stock and furniture around the towns. Have had no luck getting Annie Sloan paints, as I would not commit to having a trained full time assistant just for the paints! One in each venue no less!

So onwards and up words, keep calm and all shall work out fine.
Take care and enjoy your weekend.



Shazza said...

Eline is indeed a gem. Excited to see more about this shop karen x

Elaine said...

Sheesh now I'm a very unflattering shade of beetroot red!!

Thank you very much Karen for your best wishes and very sweet and flattering words! Best watch my halo doesn't slip and throttle me :)

I have been utterly spoilt rotten!!

Big hugs
Elaine xxx

Nannieflash said...

I do so agree with you Karen, she is the worlds most generous, giving and the most beautiful person inside and out. Shes my adopted daughter and heaven help anyone that hurts her as I would be there to protect her like mad. hugs dearest. Shirleyxxxxxx

Rachel said...

Hi Karen, just found you .....and joined 21st century :) Rachel T x

Christine L said...

Hi Karen

I can see Elaine's halo shining even from this side of the pennines!! hehe!

Lovely words about a lovely lady!

Christine x