SOS holiday mode

Sharing this Saturday while I remember.

Before I jump on the first flight out of Scotland to Philadelphia at the first sign of labour, I will be putting Funkykits into Holiday Mode.

Most of our orders are for digital which requires me to do nothing, but rubber orders still do happen!

I will be away for probably three weeks and even with notices up on the home page saying all this, several customers did not take note and were disappointed to have to wait longer for their order to be dispatched when we relocated at the end of July. 

 To keep thinks simple I'll just close and this will also give me time to sort out the chaos in the wear house and maybe locate some more missing stock.

Funkykits will be taking a break for most of September.

If you need a sugar fix, think fast. 

By the time I come back it will be birthday time for Sugar Nellie, how many year?


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