SOS I've got keys!

Or is that Share On Thursday. SOT

It's been a long hard year at the House of Sugar, that why you have not heard much from me.

Our bricks and Mortar store closed at the end of our lease and we had to pack it all up and put it in storage as I could not find a suitable new home.  Every space I own looks like lockers from Storage Wars!

Kate moved on to pastures new which left little old me to say good bye to all our lovely customers that have supported us over the years. With no place to go, early retirement was on the horizon until I seen just how much stock there was, far too much to write off and donate.

At the same time Funky kits moved into a new building with all sorts of chaos. Lost stock, no wifi, cramped conditionand incompetent  seasonal help.  I'm glad that most orders are now digital and process without any issue. It's still not running a smoothly as I would like and this causes a wee bit of unwanted stress.

But long story cut short, we have a new forever home. 

There is renovation work to be done, and many options with the rest of this sprawls building. A quaint country cottage, garden, own car park, loads of character and features that will make for an interesting store. 

I'll be putting my thinking cap on while on Granny leave, baby due on 14 September so I'll be flying out to Philadelphia to do my bit. As it's my first grandchild, I'm rather excited.❤️
I'll leave the men to "flip" the building and hope that October sees the new improved craft shop open in time for Christmas craft projects and classes.

I'll leave you with the before pictures of the building. It was a pub & restaurant before closing.

The only part of the business with out  news is Sugar Nellie. The DT and sweeties continue to do a fantastic job showcasing the sweet stuff. Fiona has been invaluable in her organising. 

My main job is to find new art but there are so many negatives affecting the industry right now that I'm reluctant to open my self up to more problems. Might just sit tight for a while longer and see how things pan out. 

So as Debbie packs her hospital bag, I'm packing my suitcase full of new born baby cloths, big case is all neutral and one piece of hand luggage in blue and one in pink. Which one shall I grab on the way out the door? Excited much!

Take care sugar addicts and I'll try to keep in touch more, promise.


Dotty Jo x said...

Wishing you all the best, Karen! Jo x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

What exciting times for you Karen. Look forward to news of the baby and hope for new Dugar soon, it has been far too long without any. x

Fiona said...

exciting times right enough! That little cottage looks fab and I'm sure it will be perfect once the boys have kitted it our for you!

Hope to see the baby pics soon.


Cazzy said...

Looks like a big project, you are better off out of it while the boys get to work! Hope all goes well with the baby.

Marilyn said...

Exciting stuff Karen! A grandbaby is such a joy and a new shop... can't wait to hear all about both of them!

Sheila said...

I know this place well. Perfect spot for your venture. Right on the main road. Wow! Wish I still lived in Elgin! X good luck with the new baby.