what a week

I have been blown away by the intrest shown on UKS, USA and Europe in the last week, my day is not long enough and the clock just moves too fast. There are so many unknow things to sort out that I will be glad to see our Sugar Nellie Kids arrive in the warehouse. Eva is busy drawing more designes and we have had another designer offer us her brand new range of designs too.

I trimmed down the range to 12 darling kids and I need to produce these and find out what you think before I do anything else.

I have also made my mind up regarding how this stamps will be sold, I am going to start with bare rubber, un trimmed. This gives you the customer the choice to add ez mount and trim again. It also is a big factor in the price, staying in the UK makes a big difference to the RRP and I want to keep this as keen as I can. Untrimmed bare rubber may not suit everyone but for starters, this is what we will offer.


Treacle said...

Oooo I can't wait. I'll be wanting the whole 12 :o)

Can't leave any behind they might get upset and think they're not as special :o)

Alex said...

Yeay, I loved untrimmed rubber, and especially the price!!! way to go Karen, we are soooo excited to see these girls, as you know, lol

I use unmounted rubber with a glue stick and acrylic block its great

Shary said...

I bet they will be gorgeous. Get ready for the mad rush!

Carmen said...

Really can't waith! I definetly want them all!