Erica is amazing

Yes some of us have come across her work before but if you are new to Sugar Nellie, pop over to
and see the amazing project, its just darling.

I think its time to send some candy to Erica, a few animals to challenge her a little :)

Ethel all group A have their stamps group B will be sent something new, maybe even a new collection by a new designers dependant on the time scale.


Sarah has been busy and here is here card, I love the colour and he sentiment, pop over to her blog for more details. Thank you Sarah it is beautiful, thanks for sharing.


Sarah said...

Erica's work is certainly amazing! I've made my first card with the Braveheart soft centres stamp, its here

Hope you like it!

Sarah x

Erica said...

Thank you for your lovely compliment :D! I look forward to the animal challenge, although with such sweet stamps it won't be much of a challenge I think ;o) Thank you!!!

Sugary Greetings,