In the house of sugar

Today I am back doing a few hours work for SN, the last delivery of Christmas stamps have arrived and that is the last batch this year. Funkykits have already had their delivery but correct me if I wrong ..........Santa with tree is sold out. None left, all gone..........finished. Another stamp in short supply is Daisy, is it any wonder she is such a darling and Elisabeth has more beautiful designs to come.
I must make a choice with the new blog and who will be blog mama, so many to choose from sorry if again I am taking too long but it's all your fault for making my job so much harder. Many of you already run blog and to be fair I do like to give others a chance, no reflection on your abilities but it is good to share, to much sugar can I believe be bad for you!

New designers, almost there, I am waiting for paperwork and then I can introduce you to a lovely British illustrator and after having a peek at her own blog you might get an idea of what she will be doing for Sugar Nellie.

Have a great day if you can, a little colouring in and a little house work makes for a shorter day.
Welcome back Marlene, sounds like we all should have taken a trip to the show.

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Gayle said...

I can't wait, to see the new illustrators You haven't given us a bad one yet, so no doubt at all that the new designs will be stunning...
Gayle x