Intresting readings

There have been many comment on the subject of a stamp club/kit. I am still interested in reading your opinion so please leave your comments on the last post.

I can say the there is no hanglar news :(

There will be no papers in the kit I agree, papers are something we all have too much of.

Should the "kit" stamps be available at a later date one by one? or exclusive only in the kit.
I don't want to leave anyone out so what about a new collection being split into a small kit and the rest being available one by one?

Should the kit be viewed before commitment? Would you like a different illustrator for each kit?
Monthly or quarterly? Should it be limited in numbers, closing date for orders etc

Tomorrow sees a new contract going out in the post, one of three I hope to conclude before the new year. Once the paperwork is in place I will tie the carrot on the string and begin to dangle :)
I will have blog candy like no other to give away and that's before the stamps arrive. Keep tuned and don't miss out, something yummy could be under the tree for you this year. You had better be good.

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leann said...

Oooooh, I've been good! ;)
Can't wait to see the new designs ~ how exciting!
Hugs x