See you all later

I am just about to jump into the car and go off for a few days, not sure if I will have Internet connection so here is a little post to keep you going.

Leanne Ellis "arty" collection will be with you soon, a lot of you are asking about these as they are more out of the ordinary characters, so as you wait patiently why not jump over to Leanne's etsy shop and see they wonderful things she as made. I am sure a lot of those will be gone by the time I get home but I do love them.

Sorry it looks like more sell outs over at FK, we do try each time to up the numbers of stock added but we have no idea how many of you are waiting for these sweet stamps. I dare not add only a few of some stamps as the automatic notification must go out to a lot of you, leading to it being out of stock again before you even get round to reading the email. Thing will improve next week, lots of rubber arriving and a few helpers in the house of sugar to work with me.

Ta Ta for now :)


weewiccababe said...

have a super break with the kids Karen

Donalda said...

Have a wonderful time!!!!!

Summer Loving Gal said...

Have a fabulous time and RELAX some I hope!
Safe travels to you :-)

Kr├╝mel said...

Wishing you a few wonderful and relaxing days! You really deserve it.

Thanks for all the wonderful new stamps! Even if I didn´t get the cute one with the gift anymore - I now I will later.


dawnmarieg said...

Thanks for lettings us know. Dawn Marie.xx