Wednesdays witterings

I am home, I have logged into work and know that I have a manic few days ahead of myself. I hope that by the end of the week I have a new elf to run Funkykits for at least the next 4 months while Tracy recovers and learns how to do cartwheels.

On the brighter side, there are some amazing new design sketches on my desk, I am hopeful too that we see the return of Maggie and Hamish the much loved characters from Linda. There has been nothing new since last summer and we sure do miss these cute wee bairns.

We have an amazing value seasonal kit for you with the delightful Country Cousins.The artwork is lovely and something different from the other kits available.

The launch of Duda Daze line of stamps from Diane. I have hunted out a few alterable pieces that I have ear marked for these stamps :)

More from Leanne, Mary and Suzanne and just a fantastic line up of talented ladies providing us with quality art to suit a wide range of stampers, mix this with the talent of our Design Team, Marlene and Tiets and we have so much talent in our team.

Once I organise FK, I will be working on the fundraiser and already we have had a range of stamp designs sent to us by our customers and other freelance artist , I will be looking at these and answering emails as soon as I can. Your offers are all very generous and much appreciated.

But our lucky winner from yesterdays post is.........

PinkLadyMel said...
My fingers are firmly crossed.. you are so generous to offer these gorgeous prizes all the time. I can't wait to get my hands on craft stamper this month but all the gorgeous work on the sugar bowl should keep me going until then xx


weewiccababe said...

welcome back Karen,
its a shame I don't live a wee bit closer or I'd have been quite happy to volunteer in the sugar mines (if only to escape my kids for a few hours lol)
looking forward to seeing all the new things.
have emailed you a design for the fundraiser, but I played around with it last night and changed it a wee bit so will have to email you the new version

weewiccababe said...

Karen, did you know that the Little Book of Stamping and Papercrafts that comes free with this months Crafts Beautiful magazine has quite a few Sugar Nellie stamps featured?
I don't usually buy this mag but the wee book attracted me

Jessica said...

Karen I love the blog! I have just recently found your site and I love all of the stamps and the artwork is amazing. All of you are just so talented! I'd love to have each stamp, but alas cannot afford them. I'm saving up so I can buy some of the Gorjus girls. And some others too. But since I live in the states there is shipping involved too! But I visit your blog almost daily! Thanks for all you do!

PinkLadyMel said...

I can't believe I won something! Not just something.. Some beautifully designed stamps! I can't wait to get my hands of these beautiful little gems :) Thank you so much for making my Easter.

Happy Easter!!

Mel xxx