I am so sick .........

...that I can not take advantage of this offer, 100 sheets for $12/£8, even when I fill my basket with all the yummy papers, embellishments and flowers, the postage to UK is more than my spend, when it lands here we have also to pay tax and handling.................no longer a bargain :(

But if you are in USA and would like what must be the best bargains around from all the top brands, try shopping here and even better
Free Shipping on orders over $75 to lower 48 US states! You girls have it sooooooooo good.

I know that times are hard, business are closing all over the world, craft is a hobby and classed as a luxury spend and these are the buys that go first when things are tight. And I am sure like almost every crafter you have enough of everything to see you craft for some time, but we cant create without inspiration can we? And most inspirations comes in the form of yummy new supplies.

After yesterdays post I was driving to the HOS and on the radio they were playing Angel Eyes and that is my new favourite name for our new range.................today. Because as it was pointed out, there are boys, nice boys too, so Sassy Girls does not work. These new stamps are not seasonal, they will sit perfect under you Christmas tree and give you something new and exciting to colour in the new year, they have a long shelf life and appeal to a wider customer type. Which lead me to think that having been in this trade for 10 years now I see a lot of different types of crafter.

A+  Those who have a blog and follow fashion, making complex creations which take a lot of time, this is still their hobby but they put in more hours that a full time job but without the pay. They make cards for satisfaction and pleasure, with no use for the card at the end of the day and sell their makes when they can.Wonderfully talented and worthy of so much more than comments on their blog but paid for positions in this industry are few and far between because there are so many crafters  willing to do things for free that business need not pay designers, this trade is unlike any other that I have been involved with. Customers and companies have a very close connection, some business share a lot of personal info with the customer and there is sense of knowing each other especially via blog post.

B.  Those for whom this is a hobby they do in their spare time, they make cards for someone in mind. This is the majority of crafters and having studied all the top fashion stamps I find myself confident that the new range will fill a gap, what stamp to you use for a teenager, a student or your work college, what about those yummy mummies of your girlfriends. Do you stamp a cute and furry or an adorable small child on the card you are making for them?

C.  Then there are ladies who buy buy buy, it may sit in a box under the bed or a supper dooper craft space but it's more to be admired than played with!

Which one are you? Of course you will not all fit into one of those three craft types but I am sure you too know where I am coming from here. We are all guilty of thinking about things more than doing them, but hey that's life, I have been "thinking" about joining the gym and loosing weight for over a year now!LOL

Now if I just switch off this computer I might find the time to do something today.
Keep busy and take care.


Teri said...

Not sure which box I fit into! LOL.
I like to make cards for the creative outlet it gives me. I also make them to show off my digi-images as I don't have a DT of my own. I sell them if and when I get round to doing a craft fair or boot sale. Used to sell on ebay but too many restrictions and charges now, so I don't do that any more!
As for following fashion - nope! Fashion is something I avoid, as it comes and goes too quickly for me. By the time I get 'into' a fashion it has moved on, so I stay in my own little ancient world as a 'closet goth', LOL.
Have a great day hun.
Teri x

Thistleblue said...

Morning Karen, I know what you mean about the gorgeous looking new papers and gorgeous stash on the US sites unfortunately no matter how much of a bargain the postage just makes it a waste....
In answer to your what kind of crafter q, I think i'm a wee bit of a, b and c, I make cards for family & friends birthday's & celebrations, make cards to enter challenges and show them off on my blog and love to shop for crafty goodies to drool over.
Hope you have a great day with whatever you do.

Debbie said...

I think I'm somewhere in the middle (although secretly I'd like to be at the top lol!) Can't wait to see your new stamps and yes those American crafters are so very lucky!...And I should so do the same I have lots of housework to do today.. but my excuse is I'm having a tea break lol!
Debbie :)

weewiccababe said...

hmmm, think I'm more B than A, but still am guilty of C too lol Although I'm starting to rebel a little lately - I don't want to do what everyone else is doing
And I've been "thinking" of losing weight for a few years now, but am still in the early stages of giving up smoking, so one step at a time eh?
Was that the Wets' Angel Eyes you heard, I used to be a huge Wets fan.
Can't wait to see the new sugar babies joining the fold

Elaine said...

Hi Karen,
I think I'm more B. I tend to make cards for a specific person or occasion and I never sell any of them, but I also fall into C as I am guilty of buying rubber and stashing it away. It's an addiction I know!
The good old USA has some marvellous bargains, but the few times I have bought from America I've been stung with import duty and it's not really worth it.
Looking forward to seeing the new releases, which of course I'll be buying.
Love Elaine x

Diamond Doll said...

I,m A i have hundreds of cards made up in my craftroom with no where to go!!! I spend hours in there and love every minute..
Trish (-:

Paula said...

I'm a strange kind of mixture - trying to be really disciplined & only buy what I am using at the moment or where there is a gap in my supplies. I make cards to develop my techniques & creativity & use them as a learning tool to also give pleasure to others & perhaps. I like to see what is around but am choosy as to what I spend time on.
Paula (PEP)

Paula (PEP)

Shazza said...

mmmmm think I am a bit of all three Karen LOL! I make cards for myself and when asked by family and friends. Also make them for challenges just for the fun of it. Hubby will agree that there is stash collecting dust but I know I will NEED them one day

Ann-Marie said...

I think I'm a bit of both A and B crafter myself, I love to make something more intricate and time consuming the sense of achievement and to see someone's face when they realise you've made it but this is normally for friends and family and I just love making cards just for the pleasure of it too. Although I do try and sell what I can as its how I fund my crafting addiction!!! I'm not a strict follower of fashion I just tend to buy what I like and know I'll use and I can't afford to buy every new trend anyway so I just pick what I like the most. Can't wait to see the new releases all very exciting. Take care Ann-Marie xxx