A little help from my friends.....

I am struggling with the choices I have for a new name for the stamps by the next big artist.  If you have loved what Sugar Nellie has done in the world of stamping in the last three years, you are going to want a seat on the bus for this next stop.
 If you have loved all our cute children's stamps, fallen in love with our adorable ranges from  illustrators, you will know that we brought you these artist before they were known in the craft world and that our talent at spotting up and coming artist has been our strongest qualification, trust me you need a seat at the front, you hear what I am saying?

As hard as it is for us to keep our new artist a secret, I am just itchin to share but sadly no, I need to do this properly. Contacts are signed, art work is expected this week and by the time you see them I will have loads off at the factory anticipating that these are what is missing "out there". The feedback from all those who have had a little peek is very encouraging and everyone is excited to see this new range come out in late September. I am excited to launch a new name into the craft world and watch where it takes her.

We want to offer you stamps which take you beyond cute, my tag line for this range will be

Sugar Nellie is growing up....

The one word which sums these stamps up is SASSY, when I looked it up in the dictionary there were many  words which were spot on. Characters are aged between 10 -30 with a wide selection of different looks, not one character in different poses, all different character in a style that is going to be this artist trade mark.
The other word I have to play with is EYES as these are the artists focal point, beautiful eyes which are so expressive and just make this artwork stand out from the rest, we are sure that the quality and variety will make our sugar addicts very  very happy.

So given these two words I have to play with I am down to a few choices, (open to any more suggestions please)

Angel Eyes
Sassy Designs
Just Sassy

Now I know that only the DT have seen these, but having given you the best description I can without giving too much away, which of those three names appeals to you? I still have a few days to make up my mind before new packaging and promotions kick in, magazine submissions and blog hops and guest DT are arranged.
That is why I need a little help from my friends, let me know your thoughts and I will take them all on board.

Mark is back from holidays on Tuesdays and Funkykits will be seeing and placing their first order for this new range as well as doing a little spring cleaning to make room for them. The are tight for space in his little corner of the HOS as they already have the new Christmas stamps which you can all see at the "recipe for all seasons" blog hop on Saturday 4th September. There are some guest joining our DT to showcase other popular Christmas stamps that we have including Manga, Mary Hall, Diane Duda and Leanne Ellis. So much sweet rubber in one place and FIVE new Christmas stamps from us this year.
Take care.

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