I made up my mind...maybe

Firstly Happy 19th Birthday Katie xox

Girls, thanks so much for your comment, over 60 of you took the time to guide me on this. Most of you wanted Angel Eyes but there is already a stamp line out there so we will not be stamping on toes.
Sassy designs was my favourite but after googling it, its too over used in lots of trades .
So many of you came up with other ideas and I did play with them in my head too. But I was  going to stick with Just Sassy as a lot of you chose that one. Once you see these stamps and fall in love with them it will not matter so much what they are called. Next step is online promotions followed by packaging and logo's. Oh I am learning as I go so be gentle with me as I explore the mind field which is DTP.

I would like to give the blog a make over as we approach our birthday and especially as we are growing up a little each year. If you have found a fab blog template site, please share, I will now go an spend the rest of the afternoon looking at options for a new look.

And for those of you who asked, yesterdays comments do come under market research and is top secret for my eyes only, thanks again for all your lovely comments, encouragement and suggestions , they truly are appreciated.
Shout out to Cheri who made very valid points about DT, I try my best to pick fresh new talent but its not long before they are asked to take part in other DT's,  I really appreciate my team , they are amazingly talented and I am only too happy to see them move on to other things, it allows me to bring some one new to the table and hopefully with a new style too. I always say if  your DT work is a chore move on, this is a hobby not a job, if its not fun don't do it.
Cathy, its a standing joke with my friends that my tongue will not work around sassafras, that paper brand was a nightmare for me LOL, its a word we don't know well in UK.

I had settled on Just Sassy, its grown up enough but then I remember that hopefully before the end of this year we have a completely new range coming which is amazingly artistic and its label is Simply Adorable, so I think we should call these Simply Sassy. Decision made, lets move on and think about our new Christmas stamps again.

New Christmas stamps are few and far between in the HOS, we thought that you would rather have more stamps with a longer shelf life and have limited the seasonal ones this year, we still have some great stamps for the festive season from last year when they arrived a little later than planned.

I have to go now, into town to show all our new artwork to Mark at Funkykits and see what he thinks of it all, our rubber factory is backed up out the door  with all the work they do for so many rubber stamp companies that delivery is taking 2/3 weeks at the moment, not good but at this time of the year our trade goes into over time, but at least it will go quiet in November and December when all other retailers are
running around like mad things. Oh the joys of the holiday season.

Enjoy your day and again , thanks girls for all your advice and encouragement, it means a lot.



Debsg said...

Simply Sassy - I like it :O I got my blog template from Shabby Blogs and I love it. I've previously had one from Hot Bliggity Blog.

craftyb said...

Excellent decision...I actually prefer Simply Sassy to all the other names...and Simply Adorable...more yummy rubber to look forward to!

Good idea with the limited christmas stamps!!

Good luck with all these exciting things! bx

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Great name Karen!!

Judy x

Tanya Rudd said...

I found some really pretty blog templates at the BackgroundFairy.com site. As for the name the only thing that pops out is Sassy Chic, but not having seen the stamps, I don't know if that is appropriate. Good Luck, naming things has always been hard for me.

Happy 19th BDay Katie, enjoy the day.

I look forward to watching Sugar Nellie grow.

Elaine said...

Happy 19th Birthday to Katie xx
Such a very pretty young lady.

I can't help you with your blog makeover, being still quite new at blogging, I haven't played much with mine as I'm worried something will go wrong and I won't have a clue what to do!

I think all blogland is waiting excitedly for peaks at the new rubber, Christmas or otherwise, I know I am!

Love Elaine xx

Max said...

Hi Karen and Happy Birthday Katie.
It must take a lot of time and energy researching potential names for new ranges especially as many of the most obvious ideas have already been used by other companies. An absolute minefield really, making sure your final choice is original to prevent possible accusations of 'copying' or 'stealing'. Am sure your Simply Sassy stamps will be just that ... and we will love them. Might not be able to afford them all but will make sure I grab at least one from the range and maybe if I'm really good girl I can treat myself to one of the new Xmas ones too!
Good luck with everything although I'm sure you don't need it.

Max's Craft Creations
Bah! Humbug! Challenges DT

Jane said...

Can't wait to see all these lovely new stamps!

Nicki (LittleTed) said...

Oooh, Simply Sassy is a great name, much better than my suggestion - lol! Can't wait to see the artwork.

Nicki, x

Mina said...

ooohhhh I missed the post below but think Simply Sassy is a brill name...cant wait to see them
Mina xxx

Serendipity said...

The names are perfect for both ranges, Karen, nice one - we'll have to come up for a new excuse for coffee and cake now!! And Happy Birthday, Katie!! Pam x

~ Ali ~ said...

Oh I'm just catching up and missed all the goss about the new line. Simply Sassy sounds AMay..zing. It has a classy twang to it :D your DT rocks I'm often drooling over their creations..so talented. Keep up the good work Sugar Nellie... A big Happy birthday to Katie too :D

Hugs Ali x

Gayle said...

Alright then...don't listen to my suggestions!...I'm off for a sulk!!!

Happy Birthday Katie...you look just like your Mammy...GORGEOUS!!!

Luv ya

Gayle x

Shirley N said...

Simply Sassy, ohhhh LUV that! CAN'T WAIT!!!

Alex said...

These are the parts of being in business I do NOT envy! Sounds very well thought out and I like it!

Cheribella said...

I'm sure your choice of name will be perfect. It had to be versatile since I believe you said the line also carries males.
I can't wait to see the new line, along with everyone else!

I agree with you about the limited Christmas stamp line. Although I fall in love with all off them, and think I need all of them, when it comes right down to it unless you are making multiple different cards how many stamps do you really need. I have to make about 130 Christmas cards so I will probably make 3 or 4 different cards and then work a production line.

Before I forget "Happy Birthday Katie". What a beauty she is (-:

As for blog designing mine is very plan by choice but I don't have a business. However, my son has offered many times to create one for me. He is actually quite good at it and has designed a few cd covers and whatnot. He is a writer by trade but has also designed many personalized websites. Since he knows how much I love your stamps I'm sure he would be willing to help you out. Just a thought. If you are interested you can contact me through my email cheribabe@gmail.com


Paula said...

I love the idea of a Simply..... something range of titles -
"Simply Adorable, Simply Sassy, Simply Sugar Nellie"
has a definite ring to it...... Brilliant!Shall be muttering that to myself ........
Paula (PEP)

Julie said...

Can't wait to see the new images Karen!! You've really got me itching to see them after your posts the last few days!! Like the name too - it that is deffo what you've picked!! Would preorder for sure too - if they're must haves for me! Juliexx