Which ones?

Oh crafting and chocolate the perfect blend.
This project from Kathrin is egg-stra special and I just LOVE IT!

Don't miss out on the Simply Sassy Blog Hop,
all the girls have put so much effort into their work and I am delighted with all the
amazing creations that they make, oh to be that talented!
A huge thank you to the Sassy DT for the hop and their constant daily ideas.
You MUST do the hop, there is candy hidden a little like an Easter egg hunt, go look for yourselves.

Keep an eye open for new designs from Krista on her blog

and I had to go do a little shopping in Krista's  ETSY store today as Debbie has just left the UK to
spend her 21st with Tom (all say awww, young love, wish you cold hang on to that feeling for every) and
I have a case to fill with USA shopping before she comes back in two weeks, yipee!
I am only buying things I cant get here or that cost too much in customs :)
That excludes 12" papers because I NEVER need any more EVER EVER again.

Have a good look at Krista's Sassy Girls and let me know what you would like to see in rubber?
You know I listen and I do it all for you right? There is so many to choose from I sometimes don't know which way to turn, help me out, which one is your favourite?

So here at home the lambing is almost finished, 9 pet lambs at the last count and I have friends coming around this afternoon to see them. It was the warmest place in the UK yesterday, WOW could you believe it, today not so nice, rain this morning but the sun has come out to play and hopefully the girls will also put their wellies on and go outside to explore while I get to catch up with coffee and cake.

Hope you enjoy your weekend.
take care


Elaine said...

Are you ready for this??
Tickletta the mischief fairy and Arista the mischief fairy.
The wallflower.
Tea time collage (minus the collage)
The quiet princess
Steampunk teddybear.
Will that do for now? I want them all.....pretty please?

Love Elaine xx

Jane said...

ooooo you have a tough job Karen I don't think I would be able to pick just a few...I want them all in rubber!...but I have had a look and I love..Butterflies, Dimples and Pigtails....Carnival balloon...and I do like all the Zombie girls too!!

Fiona said...

oh Karen...there is too many to choose from but I really like The Pinup Wicked Witch of the West, looking good Never Felt So..., The Wallflower...any of these would be fabulous in rubber!!

Have a good weekend with your lambs!!


Gabbi said...

Hi karen thanks for the fun hop i always love the great inspiration from the DT's. Krista has a few things on etsy that would be great in rubber. Her new dreamy alice is adorable. The mad hatter girl is to die for with that hat. She has a mother goose girl and One called butterflies dimples and pigtails. I would buy all of those in rubber for sure. Actually whichever ones get chosen i wil buy. Hee hee. Have a great day.

weewiccababe said...

Hi Karen,
oh to be 21 again!

I had a splurge on Krista's etsy shop the other week - bought a Bella mirror and the Quiet Princess print so I'd love to see either of those as rubber, I also love Always a Bridesmaid and The Farmers Daughter always makes me think of you lol

I'd love to see more boys similar to the Number 1 Fan
have a great weekend Karen

Cathy said...

Fab Sassy hop Karen, I just love all of them and only have 2 to get from sets 1-5 ... that is SAD!!!!!!
I am almost frightened of visiting Krista's blog and being seduced by her talent ...
We are holidaying at my Mum's as the girls have broken up for Easter ... they are half way through lambing and we have 4 lambs in the back garden with their mum's ...Beth is in her element!!!

Have a fab weekend,
Cathy xx

leia said...

Her images are all so stunning it's hard to choose! I think i'd have to say:
-Always a Bridesmaid
-Pinup Wicked Witch of the West
-Camera Chick

Julie said...

Krista's got some fab images. I've fallen in love with Pinup Alice, but without the bunny. She looks so grown up, same as the Pinup wicked witch of the west (without the bucket). I'd like to see Krista go in this direction with some of her stamps.
I also like the steampunk teddy bear for the same reason, the more grown up looking face.
Julie W xx

Julye said...

I love all Kristas work but would love to see 'looking good never felt so bad 'in rubber along with all her other fab drawings too.

ourmoi said...

Hi, done the blog hop, fantastic offerings! Then visited the Etsy store.... Ooooo! I fell in love with "Looking good never felt do bad"! Please please please get her into rubber....I'm definitely developing a fetish!!!!

ourmoi said...

Hi again, this is the link for looking good never felt so bad. http://www.etsy.com/listing/62205793/looking-good-never-felt-so-bad
Be good to know how many of us would like to see her in rubber!!

ourmoi said...

It's me again! And this one is georgeous too!!!
Ooooh why did you send me to etsy?!!!

Karyn S said...

they are all so cute. actually I love the sassy dreadlock girl on a post on her blog! very different!

Alex said...

My top picks :)
The Wallflower
Both of the Mischief Fairies - they are WONDERFUL!

I actually love just almost all of Krista's lovelies. She has so much variety!!! I also love the dreadlock girl on her blog!