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#30 was Teresa

well done Teresa please email


Many bloggers do WOMWDW, and show their work desk in all it's messy glory

. But I ain't too hot on the photography so take my word for it when I say that my desk is almost clear YEAH
Off to the accountant's this afternoon or  I would still be sitting at home with no Internet and forced to make my way to the "craft room" I use that term loosely, it's Debbie's old bedroom that houses all the cr*p that has no where else to go, toys, pram, Christmas tree and bags upon bags of decorations. Then in the far corner is a couple of old kitchen tables and a mish mash of storage boxes to hold my goodies.

I found myself taking the hammer to one of my favourite old sizzix dies, the snowman.gingerbread man.
 He now just cuts the outline which is perfect for my new ginger people I am making for Christmas time. Once I get one sewn up, not by my fair hand let me say, I will show you them.

And here on my desk in the HOS, is artwork sketches galore. It does not rain but it pours, we have had a dry spell lately with only 6 new simply Sassy stamps being released each month BUT sugar addict be warned, a major sugar rush is only 4 weeks away.

hugs to you


Mau xx said...

I think my work space might be even worse for clutter than I am the untidiest crafter you can Can't wait for more images, I get so impatient :0 please hurry hurry hurry!!!
Hugs Mau xx

Teresa said...

Oh wow that's me above for the candy, thank you so much, I'm off to email you. Thank you, Teresa xx

Hilde Larsen aka. Tindaloo said...

only 4 weeks away!!! oh boy oh boy.. can't wait for the previews!!! :) Hope you'll do some amazing preview hop with candy :D *lol*

weewiccababe said...

oh you're a brave woman, if I took a hammer to something there wouldn't be a whole lot left to work with :)

Paula said...

Sounds as if it is going to be a very Sugary time for lots of us. Intrigued by your ginger people so look forward to seeing those.
Paula (PEP)