yummy cotton candy

Which concessions stands to have at our carnival?
 Oh the choices and you all know I have a very sweet tooth.
Well clearly no Carnival is complete with these three family favourites

Now I like my pop corn sweet how about you?

As " it's my party and I will stamp my feet if I want to" (line from a song)

I also have to have some of MY favourites

I am going to invite Auntie Anne along with her Delicious Cinnamon Pretzels, on of my must have food's when I visit the Florida Mall, oh how I miss this yummy sugar treat :(

AND finally,
{because that is some serious amount of calories
and I need to loose this spare tyre
 that some one glued around my middle some time ago, when I was not looking.}

no summer party would be complete without strawberries and cream.

I just hope that if I am too busy with my party hat on
 that you leave me one of these cake made by Bunny
So there we have it, food for thought or more like the thought of food. LOL
We can all feel suitably fed without feeling super guilty over our indulgence of all things sweet and yummy.
 If there is anything I have missed let me know I will try my best to please you all ;)
 if you have a special diet, please bring your own food .

Now what does one wear to a Carnival of Colour?


The sun is shinning here in Scotland, let enjoy it while we can.
Have a great day catch you tomorrow


Aunty Sue said...

oh wow that sounds like some fun day. Think you had better get your most colourful clothes out.

Shazza said...

yummy, I'll have some of everything pelase, those cakes look fab!!

Paula said...

What does one wear? Watercolour paper dress with ribbon belt, shrink plastic necklace & floral embellishment hat with some die-cut swirls for interest. Looking forward to it immensely, I'll bring my own Marmite sandwiches though.
Paula (PEP)

ourmoi said...

Where's the dunkin' doughnut stand! And I love the poem... When I grow old, I shall where purple. So I'm wearing purple drawers!

Marion said...

Save me some strawberry and cream cakes please!

Sugar Mama said...

Oooh...I do LOVE a nice big hot dog!!! ;-0