Mice Peeks 3/10

Do you have stack of pic and mix sweetie in a corner of your craft room?
Why ever not, its helps the creative juices flow when you chop on something sweet while crafting, maybe that's why my bum was too big for most of my summer trousers this weekend!

I was chomping on these chocolate mice, very appropriate considering the image I was using.

Mice, well there is a change, I avoid teddy bear as much as I can as there are just so many out there and in the store we have to limited the teddy ranges to one at a time, at the moment it's Fizzy Moon so we passed on the Me to You range as we still have Forever Friends too , you can see why I avoid bears and chose mice.

The other thing I liked about this original art was that it was Monochromatic and I have seen a lot of this type of colouring with the Simply Sassy girls. AND it suits men's cards which are always a struggle.

I need to do a photographic course or change my camera because these pic do not do the images justice.

I think this will answer a lot of PM's (Private Messages) that I have received this weekend.

I am delighted with the support and encouragement that all you sugar addict give me,
 I was always aware that we had chosen an artist who was not exclusive
 and worked with several stamp companies past and present.
 (as does Elisabeth Bell, Mo Manning, Rachelle Anne Miller, Helz Cuppleditch to name a few) 

and it does not detract from the success of a range because that character appears in multiple brands.
( we are a very small company we do not look for massive sales from any range) 

Stamp companies keep what they are working on close to their chests, the amount of work that goes into launching a range does not happen in a couple of days,
 there are months worth of work going on behind the scene.
Yes my bubble is burst a little but lets be positive here, these image are totally cute or I would never have chosen them in the first place and I have other too, not only this character from this one artist

 is there such a thing as too much rubber?

Do you shop exclusively with one brand of rubber, NO I would hope not!
I myself have my favourite brands too, boxes of them line my craft desk , yes I am a rubber tart,
 there is no exclusive loyalty in the world of those with a rubber fetish.
Some I love and others I hate, I questions peoples taste all the time but if it was not for the diverse choices and tastes in everything, live would be boring.

On ward and up wards, counting down the weeks until we lauch
a Carnival of Colour
I hope you can join us.
take care


Juls said...

ooooooh I love this!!! have to have to have it!!!!!!! It will be a long shopping list this time!!! this image is just perfect for so many occasions!!! Hugs Juls

Erika said...

From one rubber "tart" to another, variety is the spice of life!!! Love your little mice. As for the sweeties if I had boxes like that I would be HUGE!!! Why? I'd have to eat them all! But I do have CAKE, instead. :)

Paula said...

I like these mice with their wine. Your card is lovely too & really suits the image. As to chomping - no, but a mug of drink every few hours - I can see myself chomping accidentally on a rubber or a bead or something if there was anything apart from craft items to hand, but the odd swig of something hot is needful - though sticky mug handles have been known (glue - not sugar). No - I don't buy just one company's stamps; I have a range of favourites.
Have a good week.
Paula (PEP)

ourmoi said...

Ooohhh! Can't wait for the Carnval of Colour!! You do tease...
I have to admit that my favourite brand of rubber is "anything Sugar Nellie". I do buy the odd stamp from other companies, but I don't wait excitedly for their next launch, like I do from SN. SN has such a diverse range of styles..Leanna Ellis are romantic, simply sassy are fun and lovelt to colour. My first love was Home Grown Manga, and I'm still adding to my stash! Must get some more cute Christmas ones!
The Mice are cutable!

Maria Therese said...

I just love these new stamps your launching (almost as much as I love my Sassys, you know they will always be closest to my heart )
I will need to stash up on these and your right one can NEVER have too much stamps!!! Good work as always Karen with picking out fab!! stamps!

Jane said...

They are adorable...I love them!

Kate said...

Love this, love the B&W with touches of colour, definitely want to get this one!

** Kate **

Elaine said...

Nope, I just can't eat and craft for which my fat butt is grateful for. It's more than ample enough already! But I do love choccy mice :)

Variety is the spice of life - I agree with Erika - but somebody (and I am pointing fingers here in your direction) thoroughly ruined it for me by introducing me to Sassys..I've not bought myself a single image stamp since, nothing I see compares to how much I love the Sassys!
I do though think these new stamps look very cute, so I will have to buy some and try to break my addiction.

Love Elaine xx

D K Crafts said...

This is another cute image and I love the touches of colour. Daisy and Sweet and Sassy were the first stamps I bought from Sugar Nellie and they are still my favourite. Look forward to seeing the rest of the new releases. Donna

Jane said...

Beautiful image, another one for my ever growing wish list xx

mixamatoasties said...

Awwwww, that is lovely *melts*

Crafting Andy said...

I'm lovin this one too. Can't wait for the release. Ooh better not spend too much til then.
Hugz Andrea.xx

Mau xx said...

What cutie mice, I love them :)) A rubber tart is a fab name and certainly made me chuckle. pick a mix is a no no as I am trying to loose a stone for nephews wedding. I would be better with choc. though than drinks...as I knocked my cuppa all over my crafts last night....doh!

Chrissy said...

I'm a rubber addict.And I eat constantly while crafting...peppermint chocolate..Old gold peppermint chocolate..mmmm...sorry went off somewhere then..lol..

Love your mice.. very cute,and adorable.

Thistleblue said...

mmmmmm chocolate mice nom nom.. :-)

very cute image, would be great for so many different cards.

I don't think there's such a thing at all as too much rubber, we neeeeed to have such great variety otherwise our card images would get boring.... thats my excuse anyway

Kathleen said...

these are lovely.
another fan (Tracy-1976), over on the DC forum (but unable to comment as you don't allow anon comments) was wondering when these are being released. could you please let her know thru me!
many thanks
kathleen mc xx