Product Review–Which Paper Trimmer Are You?

As we have a new stamp ‘launch’ coming very soon, and we are very busy ‘backstage’ colouring and creating in order to show you some delicious things, we thought we’d do something a little different for todays post!

The Design Team have been having a little debate over on Facebook, as to which paper trimmer we liked best, and as it’s a popular subject….we thought we would share some of our thoughts with you all, in the hope that you don’t waste a lot of money on very expensive ones….this seems to be a common problem, as I think we have all done this at  some point!

(Please allow me to point out that none of the opinions are that of Sugar Nellie as a company, just some thoughts from some crafting addicts)
I am always the one with the big mouth so it’s my turn to go first….

  • Gayle – I have tried many a trimmer in my time from the cheap and cheerful to the incredibly expensive (I still wince at the price I paid for the Making Memories one….only for it to start cutting wonky about a month after purchase, so I bought another and it broke in half) Nowadays I use the 12” X-Cut Guillotine….Whilst it is not portable and takes up a bit of room, it just keep going and going straight to boot!

  •  Jane - I use a Fiskars paper trimmer as I like the fact it is lightweight and very portable and that it has the extendable arm. I think the replacement blades are quite good value too. Major plus point for me is that it has lots if orange on it so it is easy to spot in the mess on my desk

  • Mina - I use a Tonic X cut 12" guillotine for my large cutting and scissors for anything else

  •  Vicky- I use a tonic guillotine...the medium size one and the mahoosive large one for 12" papers/card which also has as an extendable self sharpens every time you use it....and it cuts straight which is a miracle in itself...and again it's orange too...for my messy desk lol...

  • Kathrin - I have been trying a bunch of these - liked the Fiskars one that Stampin'Up sells too but after getting two replacements since the guidelines/measurements disappeared and it also started happening to the 3rd one I switched and got myself a Martha Stewart one. Works great and I am really happy about it. Just need something small that can also cut 12" papers - it has an extendable arm - and it also comes with a scoring blade that I can use instead of the knife. And it wasn't expensive - didn't want to spend a lot of money to another paper trimmer since I could open my own shop with the ones I have lying around here. LOL

  • Astrid - I only use my Fiskars, it’s portable, easy to use, goes to 40 cm's, also the Inch measurement is on it , always cuts straight, I had a very expensive one, after 6 months this one also cuts 'wonky' :) That one - Dahle507 - I only use to cut board or heavy stuff :)

  •  Tiets - I agree with Astrid, I bought the Fiskars 2 months ago and it cuts just fine.. I had the Dahle 507 too but my gosh that was awfull!!

  •  Pat - I use an old, old Fiskars with an extendable arm. It's black and has a little orange thing-a-ma-bob with a teensy blade. I can change the blade when it starts getting dull. It works well for me...although I seem to go through blades like wildfire!! I think it's the same one Jane uses. I actually bought a newer, updated version...but still use the old one! I'm such a creature of habit!! hehe!

  •  Anita- I use a Carl Craft guillotine. I have had this cutter for almost 5 years and I don't think they even make this model any longer. I always loved it until a few months ago. It's starting to not cut very straight so I think I need to check out the Fiskars or the Tonic.

  • Marianne  - I have Fiskars with the circle blade. Love, love, love it, and will never use anything else. It is big enough for all my projects, still small enough to bring along to scrapping events. I have used the same blade for years, and it still gives me straight and sharp edges.
The final word goes to…THE BOSS!
  • Karen - Carl 12" because it's round blade for gentle cutting of fine papers and it has a big flat measuring panel, without swing out an arm to measure. I have a 6" Fiskars for small detail.
So, there you have our tuppence worth on all things ‘paper trimmer’

I hope this helps those of you who may be starting out and those of you who find it all a little bewildering. It may even save some of you some hard earned cash, I mean...who has a trimmer start going wrong and then goes straight out and buys the same one straight away?
 (Oh yeah...that'd be me*blush*)

Which do you use and why?

What equipment would you like us to discuss next?

Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts, after all, it’s good to talk!

Gayle x


Mummy lade said...

I use the same thing-a-ma-bob as Pat =). Had it for years and really like it. The numbers do wear off though

Caz said...

Hi ya, I have a Purple Cow guillotine and paper trimmer in one. I love it. I've had mine for about three years now and have never had a wonky cut from it. It is a little on the large size and not particularly portable, but as I only craft in my craft room this doesn't pose a problem for me.
Caz x
ps I think these little debates on equipment are a great idea. It will certainly help out when trying to decide on a piece of equipment, wish there'd been one when I was trying to decide on a new die-cutting machine!!

The Little Stamper said...

Thanks for your recommendations. I have been through tonnes of trimmers and I really struggle to get that perfect straight cut - especially for matting. I thought it was just me...but now I realise I am not alone!!

would be interested to hear everyone's recommendations for which papers they use when colouring with alcohol pens.....
Sharon x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

V interesting and seems everyone has their fave and their wouldn't have. I bought a photo trimmer and it didn't cut straight so had a refund. Now use an Xcut which is like the Tonic and v happy with it.

Lottie said...

This is just a perfect post - wish more companies would do that with various arty crafty equipment. Guess they are a bit aprehensive about it. I have had three cutters - oops not four - the guillotine types, the wheel types, and I think that it's me the user rather than the machines - but I just seem to have trouble lining the paper up to get straight cuts or measurements - so sadly its the craft knife and cutting board for me.

ourmoi said...

Craft knives would be a good one! I use the fiskars one and am very pleased with it. I have the woodwear one with several blades, but it does not cut In a straight line so would not recommend it.