SOS- Blackening

Well, you would not believe the mess.................
Last night Debbie and Tom were blackend. Some of you might want to google that and you will find this fitting answer

"a disgusting tradition begun in medieval times when celtic ritual ruled the area. it is supposed to be a sort of humbling which is supposed to show that the couple can make it through any kind of trial with humility. they used to capture the bride and groom and cover them with soot, feathers, and treacle (a sticky syrup like molasses or corn syrup) and they would be paraded about the town with lots of shouting and carrying on.
the stuff they put on them would take days to wash totally off so it was considered a good lesson in humility. would certainly rub some of the shine off of the bridzillas of today's wedding world."

So without further ado, here are our photos

At this point Debbie was unsure if it was safe to hang around.....

Megan and James along with all the other siblings, were right on the front line!

Tied to a tree, not quiet tarred and feathered but close enough

If you think this was bad, you should have seen our shower rooms after not only the bride and groom had
to clean off but most of the siblings too.

That's all from me today as I still have a few things to do
flowers (well Kate not me)
and the final dress fitting.

Yes I have shoes, I now have 2 complete outfits to choose from.
One with a coat and one with a bolero, with this weather you can never be sure.

catch you again soon


Erika said...

Bless them so glad I moved up here after being married, LOL. Hope you are all have a great weekend and glad to here you've got your outfit sorted too.
Hugs Erika.

Gail x said...

Love it! Hope you all have a fabulous day and the sun shines :-)

Kat said...

I remember my husband was blackened before we were married. He was painting in our house with his parents and mine when his cousin and various other farming friends arrived. I wasn't there but I do remember being at a young farmers car treasure hunt and wondering if it would have been safer to have stayed at home!

At least they got cleaned up. I've heard of people being covered with stuff that wouldn't come off!!

Kat xx

Debbi Glennie said...

best of luck to Tom and Debbie - wishing the health and happiness

Nikki said...

I've seen one of these the Bride figured out what was going on and ran for the car to leave her groom to be tied to the tree .she made it he didn't .. they put a drop cloth down so they didn't have to clean up to bad a mess after it sure is funny to see :)