The BIG reveal……did you win candy?

Well, it’s time to share….and implant a song in your head which will stay there for a very long time and creep up on you unawares….

We have all been singing this for the past few weeks…it’s one of those songs that just gets stuck in your head, isn’t it?

Yes…..for our new release, or sound I say launch, we are going….


Four utterly delightful mermaids will swim your way next week!

So….did you guess correctly?

We had ten ‘sugaraholics’ who guessed mermaids (or sea fairies), and so, I assigned numbers according to the order the comments were left, and let Mr Random do his thing!


So, come on down….

You have won some delicious ‘sea candy’ 

Please email me within 7 days (put 'candy winner' in the subject line) with your full name and address and your sweet rubber candy will be on it’s way to you very soon!

We do hope you’ll join us all next week when we reveal these beauties, our DT have, as always, done a FABULOUS job! 

Oh, and we have another little reveal for next week….our two new DT members will be joining us from Monday! 


We certainly are..... 

Gayle x


Erika said...

Favourite Disney film, love that song. Will be singing it all night now, thanks Gayle. :)
Hugs Erika.

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

I just found this and I am TOTALLY happy. Thank you so much. I ♥ mermaids!

Chouchouille said...

Bravo à la gagnante et vite vite la semaine prochaine pour découvrir ces nouveaux timbres merci d'avance!