Saturday Shenanigans

Happy Saturday everyone!

How are we all this fine morning?

I am a little ‘bleary eyed’ myself….I stayed up rather late last night, chatting with a friend about the 1980’s….the crazy fashions, synthetic foods and INSANE crushes

 (you know who you are)

Really….Michael Bolton???

Anyway….it got me to thinking of who I was back then….and I looked, pretty much, like this….

Yes, ladies and gentleman, I was a Goth Girl!!! Although not quite as skinny….and my skirts were never THAT short…this is the essence of me, at that time.

I could have used our Former DT Dena , who made this card, to colour my hair and make up then too!

This, in turn, starting me thinking of our range of Manga Stamps

Fun, quirky and very useful for those ‘ awkward’ teenage cards, and indeed, gifts…as demonstrated by the lovely Marianne.

Also, these are useful for the dreaded ‘man card’ as we have quite a few Manga boys to choose from….

This is Rock Idol by our Sweetie Lisa

Here, Jane has used Sporty to great effect.

And one for all the golf widows….from Dena again, this is FORE!

There are even some Christmas Manga’s if you’d like to get a head start this year? 

Like little Miss Elf here from DT member Vicky

However, I am going to finish today, with my own personal favourite from the Manga range ….

Tiny Tiddler by our very own Elaine

Ain’t she a beauty?

Will you join us in colouring some lovely sugary sweet Manga stamps this weekend?

If so, please feel free to show us your creations, either, on our Facebook page and in The Sugar Bowl….there are fabulous prizes to be won!

Enjoy your weekend!
Gayle x

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