SOS- Clearance Idea

Good morning crafters, I hope this morning finds you well and ready for a lovely Sunday.
It's a day off for me as I was teaching yesterday, a lovely two classes in the Elgin store where all went well and the class went home motivated to try something a little new.

As a crafter ideas are what we search for, but rarely get around to doing everything we want, time is always against us. I am just the same, if I see a product that I like, I must search for a find it. I just buy more than one at a time. If I love it, I need it, oh the addictive nature of a crafters!

I have so many idea's for samples and classes. Magazine feature too, all these things means my brain does not stop (on the down side I have no life out with crafting).
Over the years I have been lucky to be able to put some of my ideas into practice, some never see the light of day but when some one else does it I think " oh I thought of doing that but just never got around to it".

I will let you into a little secret, call it research....

I have often been green when I see the clearance sites in USA offering great deals to crafters. I remember Scenic Route made such a good job of clearing their own products that they started clearing other big paper names via their online store. Remember that?
Recently Scrapbook Steals have been offering a mixed back of One Time Only deals on bundles of matching products but even with a USA postal address, shipping kills the bargain.

Is there anything like this in the UK?
I am looking at quality, co ordinating products
not a bag of miss matched sweepings off the warehouse floor.!


I have access to these great deals, it is a shame about UK postage cost especially with something larger and heavy, but the girls over on crafty sellers on FB have opened my eyes to other courier services which are not so expensive as the Post Office.

If all this comes together, it will be small time.
 I ain't buying big numbers of something in this economic climate
it would finish me off completely if it went wrong!

You have always given me good advice, I always listen.

Tell me your thoughts while I play with other aspects that have to figure in this equation.

I may be tempted to combine this idea with another that floats around in my mind of much empty space.


A monthly kit with a variety of different crafts allowing you to try something that maybe you would not generally go for. Not having to buy a complete packet of something just to make a few of them saves a lot and if the box has a theme and a few ideas thrown in there I believe if its fun, value for money and quality goodies it might just stand a chance out there in the crafting world.

This is my Share On Sunday, may ideas but only one pair of hands. I hope your day sees some projects which may get finished. Remember to come on over to our FB group and share any Sugar Nellie cards that you do, we love to see you being creative.

Have a good day



Karen said...

Love the sound of these ideas. I make cards for cancer and other charities and any new ideas to try without spending oodles of money on a 'pack' with items I may not use. New ideas always help and you inspire me so much, thanks! Karen x

Eli Sedlachek said...

Beautiful Pics! You've got a great Blog.

Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know ;)

Kisses from the UK :*

ourmoi said...

Hi Karen
I love the sound of the monthly kit! Not having to buy a pack of something, that you may not use again or get on with, appeals in this economic climate.
You're right to, ideas roll around my head but few see the actual light of day!
Don't we all love a sale or bargain!

Helen McRobbie said...

Sounds interesting