SOS- Salutations

Salutations, was that not a word from Charlottes Web, the story of the spider and the pig?
Whatever it means, best wishes, hello, how are you , good day............salutations.

I hope your week had been pleasant, the weather played havoc this week with sand storms like never before. The farm was hit so bad that pictures reached the local press. It was so bad that the insurance company are looking at cleaning all my carpets because of the amount of sand that hit the west side of the house. You know when you start one job and it grown arms and legs, well if the carpets are clean it would be a good time to give the was some new paint and then there was to be a new wood burning stove put in the kitchen/living area, might as well put down flooring while we are at it........... yes when a little job goes BIG.

While thinking about that holiday home in Philadelphia and looking at all the nice things in the home magazines, I thought that we stay in Scotland for 11 months of the year, I would get more use out of new things here. Sitting with the Next catalogue it would be easy to do, I am just loving some of the colour schemes........

But before I get carried away in the land of dreams, there are several things to catch up with at work.
I am always working on magazine features, Creative Cardmaking and Creative Stamping along with Papercraft Essential often have Sugar Nellie features done by Kate Mellis who runs the ELGIN store ( Papercarfts Boutique) but this time its Kate MacIver who pulled out her Teressa Collins 6" pad, copics and sweet rubber to do a feature with the Bags of Fashion girls and some all time favourite Gorgeous girls.

Next step would be go get a feature in one of the USA mags but saying that, Australia has a very sweet tooth when it comes to rubber and I am unsure of what lies around the other side of the world.

There has also been a lot of new stamps from other companies arrive for FUNKYKITS but space is needed first. Look out for an email this coming week, stock needs moved about in order to make space for the new cute rubber which arrived from the USA this week AND some favourite sellers from the shop floor are heading online. We have some great sample's to share with you that have been done in the stores at demonstration days.

(Erika Gunter will be demostrating in ELGIN on MAY 4th for our far away visitors)

Next week will be a week of catch up's. Future planning and hopefully time for a little creative play.

I hope your week holds something exciting, time to yourself and a little family time in between.

Take care and catch you again.


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