# 4 surprise surprise

It's a very long time since I watched the blog charts, a pointless thing to be worried about as it has no reflection on the business behind it.

But with the extra hours I have put in at work this week, I had time to look at blog stats and was surprised to see traffic coming from    Dot com gift shop
Thinking that someone had made something with a Sugar Nellie image , I jumped over to see where we were mentioned and what had been made, there are so many talented crafters out there.

But it was a list of crafty blogs and we were #4  surprise surprise said Cilla!

With the very local Kath Stewart at #1. You would think that the Scottish connection was strong with this reviewer.

A few names I knew from my blog surfing days but it's good to see unknown, it's like opening a pressie not knowing what your going to get. That is what I am alway looking, new discoveries.

I still have no internet at home and I do a lot of work from home . So I  apologies for the lack of posts. Normal posting will resume once BT install the new hub.

Catch up soon.


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