Crafting with KIDS?!


It's beenvery quiet in the shop so far this week so I have spent the morning thinking of fun but mess free kids crafting ideas. Yes KIDS! I have been asked to go along with a crafting table to a mothers and toddlers group to make mothers days cards with the children. I like to support the local groups and shops in Olmeldrum so of course I said yes. However the tricky part is finding something that will impress the mums but is also quick and easy and most importantly doesn't take a lot of tidying up. I have so much craft stuff but how much of that can be used with under 5's??

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to Pinterest I go!

Wish me luck!


Gail Mands said...

Try activity but I find a printed or stamped sentiment in the middle of a card and lots of hearts stars and flowers to stick on is best - good luck with less mess though it's the best part :-)
Get out the glitter, you know you want to :-D

Mamma Mia said...

This might be "old hat" Katie, but how about daffodil cards?
Green straw for the stalk
Individual cells cut out from an egg box
Card stock
Yellow Paint
How to:
The Kids paint the egg box cells yellow but NOT the bottom part as you'll need this free for glueing.
Stick the straw (may need cutting to length) onto the cardstock and then glue the base of the egg box cell to the top of the straw.
Voila - a nice 3D card that is suitable for under 5s ... and quite cheap too!
Hope this helps. Good luck!
Helen x